Bihar ITI Result 2024

In India’s state of Bihar, the Directorate of Employment & Training (DET), which comes under the Department of Labour Resources of the Government of Bihar, is the governing body of the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). The ITI’s were instituted under the Craftsmen Scheme; the training centers came under the governance of the state governments from the year 1956 onwards.

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With the objective of imparting vocational training to the youth population of Bihar, the DET conducts a series of short-term and long-term courses through the ITIs in the state. As per the guidelines of the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT), which lays down the regulations of the ITIs, the state governments provide training in several engineering and non-engineering trades to the aspirants.

There is a shortage of skilled manpower in the technological and industrial field. By providing technical education to the aspirants, skilled resources become available to the varied industries. Also, through scientific training, the quality of industrial produce improves. Overall, these factors help in the economic progress of the country.

Bihar NCVT ITI Result 2024

The Bihar NCVT ITI results for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters are posted on the official website of DET, Bihar, Under the ‘Examination’ section, click on the ‘Results’ tab and the site will be directed to the page from where the results can be downloaded after entering basic details such as semester name and roll number.

In addition to the DET’s official website, you can check your results on the as well. Also, for other useful information on the ITIs such as the latest updates and important notifications, you can browse our site.

Important instructions for downloading the ITI Result

Here are the necessary steps to download and view your NCVT ITI result. You can also use this link to download results of SCVT, MIS, etc. Here are the instructions.

Step 1 Click on the “Download Result” link from the websites offering to download ITI results.
Step 2 On the dashboard, page candidates will enter and submit the important details like their roll number, date of birth, trade name, name of the State etc.
Step 3 Then you will be directed to the result section where you can check the results along with the marks obtained.


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Important Details
Official Website
Name of the Board Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB)
Page Category Result, Admit Card, Merit
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result Available Soon
Helpdesk Number 0612-2220230, 0612-2225387
Bihar NCVT ITI Details
Official Website
Name of the Board National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT)
Page Category NCVT Result, NCVT ITI Result, Merit list
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result Available Soon
Email ID
Helpdesk Number 0120 4405016/7/8

Bihar ITICAT Result
Bihar NCVT ITI Results 2024 – 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Semester
Bihar ITICAT – Official Website

Bihar Colleges List

S.N. College Name Code City
1 Al-Sahaba ITI PR10000055 Araria
2 Govt ITI GR10000045 Araria
3 Adarsh ITC PR10000083 Arwal
4 Adarsh Patel Pvt. Iti PR10000756 Arwal
5 Aditya ITC PR10000346 Arwal
6 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Private ITI PR10000707 Arwal
9 New Vivekanand Private ITI PU10000903 Arwal
10 Ram Bhaman Singh Private ITI PR10000652 Arwal
11 Sardar Valabh Bhai Patel Pvt. Iti PR10000828 Arwal
12 Shakuntalam ITC PR10000284 Arwal
13 SRI SAI CENTRAL Private ITI PU10000915 Arwal
14 Sukhdeo Institute Of Tecnology Private ITI PR10000677 Arwal
15 Vikramshila Private ITI PR10000396 Arwal
16 Adarsh ITC, Daudnagar PR10000142 Aurangabad
17 Adharsh Industrial Training Centre PR10000064 Aurangabad
18 Arya Bhatt ITC PR10000199 Aurangabad
19 Aryabhat ITC PR10000422 Aurangabad
20 Aurangabad ITC PR10000567 Aurangabad
21 Barun Private ITI PR10000674 Aurangabad
22 C.S. Chandravanshi ITC PR10000298 Aurangabad
23 Chandrasekhar Singh Chandravanshi Private ITI PR10000661 Aurangabad
24 Deep Lal Singh ITC PR10000423 Aurangabad
25 Eklauva Private ITI PR10000588 Aurangabad
26 Haspura Private ITI PR10000609 Aurangabad
27 Industek ITC PR10000419 Aurangabad
28 Jay Prakash Narayan Private ITIQCI PR10000611 Aurangabad
30 Lav Kush Pvt ITI PU10000864 Aurangabad
31 Laxmi Narayan Private ITI PR10000590 Aurangabad
32 Lord Shiva Private ITI PR10000965 Aurangabad
33 Maa Laxmi Private ITI PR10000479 Aurangabad
34 Maa Private ITI PR10000564 Aurangabad
35 Maa Sharda Private ITI PR10000789 Aurangabad
36 Maharana Pratap ITC PR10000300 Aurangabad
37 New Adarsh Private ITI PR10000629 Aurangabad
38 New Sai Private ITI PR10000027 Aurangabad
39 Om ITC PR10000200 Aurangabad
40 Progresive ITC PR10000196 Aurangabad
41 R.P.S Private ITI PR10000603 Aurangabad
42 Ram Nandan Pandey ITC PR10000301 Aurangabad
43 Ram Ratan singh Private ITI PR10000651 Aurangabad
44 Ram Dayal Singh ITC PR10000256 Aurangabad
45 Sai Private ITI PR10000585 Aurangabad
46 SANGAM PRIVATE ITI PR10000898 Aurangabad
47 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel ITC, Daudnagar PR10000108 Aurangabad
48 Siddharth Private ITI PR10000552 Aurangabad
49 Super Aadarsh Private ITI PR10000591 Aurangabad
50 Vivekanand Private ITI PR10000740 Aurangabad
51 Zila Private ITI PR10000545 Aurangabad
52 Adwaita Mission Private ITI PR10000560 Banka
53 Bhavani Private Iti PR10000765 Banka
54 Maa Yashodhara Private ITI PR10000916 Banka
55 MANDAR PRIVATE ITI PR10000999 Banka
56 Nascent Engineering ITC PR10000347 Banka
57 NEC Private ITI PU10000943 Banka
58 Ritlal Pvt Iti PR10000817 Banka
59 Sai Baba Paltu Bheshdhari Pvt Iti PR10000822 Banka
60 Sai Private ITI PR10000452 Banka
61 Sardar Ramkaran Private ITI PR10000703 Banka
62 Aacharya ITC PR10000424 Begusarai
63 Aacharya Kunti Private ITI PU10000972 Begusarai
64 ADITYA Private ITI PR10000923 Begusarai
65 Anandam Private ITI PR10000451 Begusarai
66 ANANDAMAI Private ITI PR10000908 Begusarai
67 ANUSHKA private ITI PR10000901 Begusarai
68 Ashirward Industrial Training Centre Ramdiri PR10000117 Begusarai
69 BARAUNI PVT ITI PR10001015 Begusarai
70 Begusarai Private ITI PR10000484 Begusarai
71 Bharat Private ITI PR10000631 Begusarai
72 Bhavisya Bharti Technical Private ITI PR10000524 Begusarai
73 Dikshant Private ITI PR10000950 Begusarai
74 Dr Sulaiman Private ITI PR10001019 Begusarai
75 Dr. Suleman Private ITI PR10000555 Begusarai
76 Dwarika Pvt Iti PR10000770 Begusarai
77 GAUTAM BUDHA PVT ITI PU10000859 Begusarai
78 Govt ITI GR10000040 Begusarai
79 Mata Sunaina Industrail Training Centre PR10000126 Begusarai
80 NAVBHARAT PRIVATE ITI PR10000974 Begusarai
81 R.N. ITC PR10000243 Begusarai
82 Rajendra Private ITI PR10000973 Begusarai
83 Sachchida Nand Private ITI PR10000493 Begusarai
84 Shankar Private ITI PR10000482 Begusarai
85 Shree Ram Private ITI PR10000512 Begusarai
86 Sulaiman ITC PR10000240 Begusarai
87 Sundari Pyare Private ITI PR10000400 Begusarai
88 ARYABHATTA NEC Private ITI PR10000954 Bhagalpur
89 Barahat Private ITI PR10000518 Bhagalpur
90 Bhagalpur City Private ITI PR10000411 Bhagalpur
91 Bhagalpur Industrial Training Centre Tilkamanju Jai Road PR10000220 Bhagalpur
92 Govt ITI GR10000038 Bhagalpur
93 Hitachi ITC PR10000186 Bhagalpur
94 Indu Jayanti Private ITI PR10000584 Bhagalpur
95 Mahabir Private ITI PR10000448 Bhagalpur
96 Mahadev Private ITI PR10000523 Bhagalpur
97 Manorama ITC PR10000184 Bhagalpur
98 N.E.C ITC PR10000492 Bhagalpur
99 N.E.C Private ITI PR10000486 Bhagalpur
100 PINKI ITI PU10000871 Bhagalpur
101 Pragati Private ITI PR10000715 Bhagalpur
102 RAJ PRIVATE ITI PU10000953 Bhagalpur
103 Satyabhama Private ITI PR10000708 Bhagalpur
104 Shiv Industrial Training Centre PR10000118 Bhagalpur
105 Shiv Shakti Private ITI PR10000608 Bhagalpur
106 Shree Sai Baba ITC PR10000335 Bhagalpur
107 Shridi Sai Geeta ITC PR10000291 Bhagalpur
108 SILICON Private ITI PU10000944 Bhagalpur
109 Sultanganj Private ITI PR10000478 Bhagalpur
110 SUMITRA DEVI PRIVATE ITI PR10000995 Bhagalpur
111 Swami Vivekanand ITC PR10000499 Bhagalpur
112 Swami Vivekanand Private ITI PR10000572 Bhagalpur
113 Ambey ITC PR10000374 Bhojpur
114 Ambey Private ITI PR10000632 Bhojpur
115 Balajee Private ITI PR10000177 Bhojpur
116 Basiuddin Private ITI Bhojpur PR10000013 Bhojpur
117 Basu Private ITI PR10000011 Bhojpur
118 Bharat Private ITI PR10000755 Bhojpur
119 Bhojpur ITC PR10000305 Bhojpur
120 Dr. R.Dayal Private ITI PR10000569 Bhojpur
121 Gurukul ITC PR10000359 Bhojpur
122 Imperial Private ITI PR10000485 Bhojpur
123 Integrity ITC PR10000331 Bhojpur
124 Ishaque ITC PR10000327 Bhojpur
125 Jahoor Pvt Iti PR10000781 Bhojpur
126 Jhalak Baba ITC PR10000290 Bhojpur
127 K.P ITC PR10000323 Bhojpur
128 Kishan Private ITI PU10000784 Bhojpur
129 KISHUNDEW Private ITI PU10001009 Bhojpur
130 Mahavir Pvt Iti PR10000791 Bhojpur
131 Piro Private ITI PR10000593 Bhojpur
132 Radiant Private ITI PR10000470 Bhojpur
133 Saint S.R. Baba ITC PR10000357 Bhojpur
134 Shabila ITC PR10000228 Bhojpur
135 Shaheed Vidyanand Singh Private ITI PR10000529 Bhojpur
136 Shanti Ram Private , Bhojpur PR10000176 Bhojpur
137 Sir Sheo Sagar Ramgulam ITC PR10000288 Bhojpur
138 SIR Sheosagar Ramgulam Private ITI PR10000412 Bhojpur
139 Sri Sai Private ITI PR10000606 Bhojpur
140 Srijan Private ITI PR10000399 Bhojpur
141 Sudama Devi Pvt. Iti PR10000848 Bhojpur
142 Suryamani Private ITI PR10000639 Bhojpur
143 Taqiuddin ITC PR10000280 Bhojpur
144 Tarkeshwar Private ITI PU10000917 Bhojpur
145 Urmila Hitaishi Private ITI PR10000012 Bhojpur
146 Vatshalya Private ITI PR10000754 Bhojpur
147 Veer Kunwar Singh Private ITI PR10000397 Bhojpur
148 Z. Private ITI PR10000504 Bhojpur
149 Zahoor ITC PR10000216 Bhojpur
150 Binod Kumar ITC PR10000212 Buxar
151 Daksh Pvt. Iti PR10000768 Buxar
152 Gajendra Private ITI PR10000897 Buxar
153 Gauri Sankar Private ITI PR10000732 Buxar
154 Govt ITI GR10000044 Buxar
155 Kabeer Private ITI Buxar PR10000361 Buxar
156 M.K ITC, Mitralok Colony Pandey Pati PR10000139 Buxar
157 Maharshi Vishva Mitra ITC PR10000343 Buxar
158 Nijamul Haque Pvt Iti PU10000805 Buxar
159 Prabha Govind Private ITI PR10000517 Buxar
160 Rajesh Ranjan ITC PR10000266 Buxar
161 Sad Guru Industrial Training Centre PR10000115 Buxar
162 Sadguru Technical Private ITI PR10000015 Buxar
163 sadguruprivateiti PU10001027 Buxar
164 Sheo Dyal Institute of Industrial Training Centre, Industrial Area, PR10000145 Buxar
165 Shiv Shakti Pvt. Iti PR10000838 Buxar
166 Shri Ram Education & ITC PR10000192 Buxar
167 Shri Ram Private Iti PU10000840 Buxar
168 Shri Ram Pvt. ITI PR10000841 Buxar
169 SRM ITC PR10000324 Buxar
170 Akin Private ITI PR10000421 Champaran
171 Dr. S.P. Singh Private ITI PR10000541 Champaran
172 Hafiz Taiyab ITC PR10000395 Champaran
173 North Bihar ITC PR10000080 Champaran
174 Rajendra Singh ITC PR10000352 Champaran
175 Ram Raheem Private ITI PR10000531 Champaran
176 Ramkewal Singh Industrial Training Centre Ganesh Mkt. PR10000127 Champaran
177 S .K. Industrial Education ITC PR10000061 Champaran
178 Safdar Hashmi ITI PR10000071 Champaran
179 Sikrahna ITC PR10000348 Champaran
180 Ambika ITC Bahuria Kothi PR10000091 Chapra
181 Banaras Singh Private ITI PR10000503 Chapra
182 Bihar Private ITIQCI PR10000610 Chapra
183 Chapra Private ITI PR10000533 Chapra
184 Dr. Rajendra Prasad ITC PR10000417 Chapra
185 Ganpati Private ITI PR10000016 Chapra
186 Jagdambika ITC PR10000362 Chapra
187 Jay Maha ITC PR10000261 Chapra
188 KGN Private ITI PR10000582 Chapra
189 Radiant Private ITI PR10000557 Chapra
190 Sakaldhari Prasad Private ITI PR10000601 Chapra
191 Saran Industrial Training Centre PR10000128 Chapra
192 Shivam ITC PR10000315 Chapra
193 Aliwordi ITC PR10000366 Darbhanga
194 Ashfaq Hussain Memorial Private Indusrial Tranning Center PR10000761 Darbhanga
195 Ayub ITC PR10000368 Darbhanga
196 Bela Private Iti PU10000763 Darbhanga
197 Darbhanga Private ITI PR10000724 Darbhanga
198 Farooqui Private ITI PR10000579 Darbhanga
199 GLOBAL PRIVATE ITI PR10000949 Darbhanga
200 Govt ITI GR10000037 Darbhanga
201 Haque ITC PR10000148 Darbhanga
202 Imarat Mojibiah Tech Institute PR10000132 Darbhanga
203 Integrated Infotech Private ITI PR10000607 Darbhanga
204 MANNU ITC, Leheriasarai PR10000143 Darbhanga
205 Maulana Abdul kalam Azad ITC PR10000069 Darbhanga
206 Mithila Private ITI PR10000527 Darbhanga
207 Mithila Private ITI PR10000998 Darbhanga
208 Mithila Private ITI PR10000474 Darbhanga
209 Mithila Pvt. ITI PR10000795 Darbhanga
210 Sukh Chandra Mishra Private ITI PR10000969 Darbhanga
211 APEX PRIVATE ITI PR10000939 Gaya
212 Bodh Gaya ITC PR10000299 Gaya
213 Brilliant Private ITI PR10000410 Gaya
214 Budha ITC, Pandey Parsawan PR10000191 Gaya
215 Chanakya ITC PR10000510 Gaya
216 Cherki Private ITIQCI PR10000619 Gaya
219 DR R D Y PRIVATE ITI PU10000885 Gaya
220 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Sinha Private ITI PR10000580 Gaya
221 Gauri Memorial Private ITI PR10000919 Gaya
222 Gautam Budha Private ITI PR10000446 Gaya
223 Gaya ITC PR10000267 Gaya
224 Gaya Industrial Training Centre Gangbingha Ashok Nagar PR10000219 Gaya
225 Gaya ITC PR10000169 Gaya
226 Gaya Private ITI PU10000860 Gaya
227 Global Plus Private ITI PR10000739 Gaya
228 Govt ITI GR10000032 Gaya
229 gurukul private iti PR10000894 Gaya
230 Gyan Ganga Private ITI PR10000731 Gaya
231 Hemant Kumar Rai ITC PR10000431 Gaya
232 Himanshu Raj Pvt. Iti PR10000778 Gaya
233 HORIZON Private ITI PR10000906 Gaya
234 Indra Private Iti PR10000779 Gaya
235 Institute for Integrated IIC PR10000201 Gaya
237 Isha Private ITI PR10000480 Gaya
238 Jag Lal Private ITI PR10000730 Gaya
239 Jaglal ITC PR10000342 Gaya
240 Jai Maa Kali ITC PR10000317 Gaya
241 Krishna Private ITIQCI PR10000627 Gaya
242 M I T R Private ITI PR10000688 Gaya
243 M S Y Private ITI PU10000911 Gaya
244 Maa Dhungeshwari Pvt.Iti PU10000787 Gaya
245 Maa Jagdambe Private ITIQCI PR10000626 Gaya
246 Maa Mangla ITC PR10000182 Gaya
247 Madan Arun Private ITI PR10001010 Gaya
248 Magadh Industrial Training Centre PR10000137 Gaya
249 Mahabodhi Pvt. ITC, PR10000733 Gaya
250 Malti Private ITI PR10000546 Gaya
251 Mannu Prabha Private ITI PR10000401 Gaya
252 Maurya Private ITI PR10000793 Gaya
253 Muskan Pvt. Iti PR10000798 Gaya
254 National ITC PR10000321 Gaya
255 Nav Bihar ITC PR10000292 Gaya
256 New Chankya Private ITI PR10000738 Gaya
257 Nezamia Industrial Training Centre at PO Bishunpura Via Chirki PR10000095 Gaya
259 Piyush Private ITI PR10000706 Gaya
260 Poonam Private ITIQCI PR10000625 Gaya
261 Ram Bagh Private ITI PR10000653 Gaya
262 RAM BHAJAN private ITI PU10000886 Gaya
263 SAI PVT. ITI PR10001021 Gaya
264 Sambodhi Pvt Iti PU10000825 Gaya
265 SHANTI Private ITI PU10001013 Gaya
266 Shanti Private ITI PR10000678 Gaya
267 Sherghati Private ITI PR10000737 Gaya
268 SHREE KRISHNA Private ITI PU10000957 Gaya
269 Shree Ramjee Private ITI PR10000475 Gaya
270 Siddharth ITC PR10000235 Gaya
271 Sidheshwar Private ITI PR10000660 Gaya
272 South Bihar Private ITI PR10000689 Gaya
273 St. Columbus ITC PR10000318 Gaya
274 Sujan ITC PR10000257 Gaya
275 SUPRIYAPVT.ITI PU10000862 Gaya
276 Surendra Narayan Pvt. Iti PR10000850 Gaya
277 Tekari Private ITI PR10000534 Gaya
278 Unique Private ITI PR10000679 Gaya
279 Vishal Pvt. Iti PU10000857 Gaya
280 Vishnu Buddha Private ITIQCI PR10000620 Gaya
281 Vivekanand Technical Training College ITC PR10000370 Gaya
282 Arya Ind.Training Centre PR10000759 Gopalganj
283 Brite Private ITI PR10000367 Gopalganj
284 D P A (P) ITI PR10000767 Gopalganj
285 Govt ITI GR10000042 Gopalganj
286 ITL Private ITIQCI PR10000614 Gopalganj
287 Kalindra Private ITI PR10000714 Gopalganj
288 Modern Vishwesaraiya ITC PR10000260 Gopalganj
289 Mukul Electric & Electronics Trg. Institute PR10000063 Gopalganj
290 Prakash ITC PR10000330 Gopalganj
291 Rajendra ITC PR10000239 Gopalganj
292 RN PRIVATE ITI PR10000940 Gopalganj
293 Sarvodaya Private ITI PR10000413 Gopalganj
294 SURYANATH Private ITI PR10000941 Gopalganj
295 Swami Bishwa Karma ITC PR10000193 Gopalganj
296 Vijay Electronic Institute PR10000058 Gopalganj
297 Yash Memorial Private ITI PR10000884 Gopalganj
298 Yogendra Singh ITC PR10000160 Gopalganj
299 Baba Baidyanath Private ITI PR10000683 Jamui
300 DURGA Private ITI PR10000970 Jamui
301 Jhajha ITC PR10000501 Jamui
302 Narayan ITC PR10000426 Jamui
303 Parijat Private ITI PR10000497 Jamui
304 Prachi Private ITI PR10000544 Jamui
305 R.A.V. Private ITI PR10000414 Jamui
306 Sarvodaya ITC PR10000163 Jamui
307 Satya Narayan Memorial Pvt. Iti PR10000831 Jamui
308 Shashi Private ITI PU10000837 Jamui
309 Sikandra Private ITI PR10000602 Jamui
310 TECHNOCRATS Private ITI PU10000971 Jamui
311 Uma Devi Memorial Private ITI PR10000511 Jamui
312 Unique ITC PR10000279 Jamui
313 Visheshwar Private ITI PR10000743 Jamui
314 Aman Bihar Private ITI PR10000675 Jehanabad
315 Bhagirath Pvt. ITI PR10001023 Jehanabad
316 Bijay ITC PR10000376 Jehanabad
317 Chandradev Prasad Singh Pvt. ITI PR10000025 Jehanabad
318 Chatrapati Shivaji ITC PR10000213 Jehanabad
319 Hulasganj Private ITI PR10000600 Jehanabad
320 Jay Maa Durga Private ITI PR10000471 Jehanabad
321 JAY MAA SHARDHE PRIVATE ITI PU10000976 Jehanabad
322 Maa Ambey Private ITI PR10000710 Jehanabad
323 Maa Atwariya Devi ITC PR10000238 Jehanabad
325 Maa Kamla Chandrika Jee Private ITI PR10000566 Jehanabad
326 Makhppa Private ITI PR10000734 Jehanabad
327 Nav Jyoti ITC PR10000214 Jehanabad
328 Omkar Pvt.Iti PR10000807 Jehanabad
330 Pratibha Pallavan ITC PR10000241 Jehanabad
331 Pratibha Punj Private ITI PR10000553 Jehanabad
333 Rural Pvt Industrail Training Institute PR10000819 Jehanabad
334 Sidheshwar Private ITI PU10000842 Jehanabad
335 Sri Rai Bahadur Ramchand Ram Laxmi Narayan Private ITI PR10000447 Jehanabad
336 Sri Sant Private ITI PR10000709 Jehanabad
337 Surendra Kumar Sinha Private ITI PU10000888 Jehanabad
338 Sushil Vidya ITC PR10000254 Jehanabad
339 Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Private ITI PR10000026 Jehanabad
340 Syad Allauddin Private ITI PR10000735 Jehanabad
341 Yamuna Munka ITC PR10000570 Jehanabad
342 Arvind ITC Bhabua Kaimur PR10000258 Kaimur (Bhabua)
343 Dux ITC PR10000271 Kaimur (Bhabua)
344 Gautam Private ITI PR10000540 Kaimur (Bhabua)
345 Gyandeep Private ITIQCI PR10000616 Kaimur (Bhabua)
346 K.B. ITC PR10000333 Kaimur (Bhabua)
347 Kaimur ITC PR10000264 Kaimur (Bhabua)
348 Paradise ITC PR10000159 Kaimur (Bhabua)
349 Srijan Private ITI PR10000010 Kaimur (Bhabua)
350 Aflatun Private ITI PR10000747 Katihar
351 Al-Samad Private ITI PR10000757 Katihar
352 Aman Private ITI PR10000921 Katihar
353 Govt ITI GR10000036 Katihar
355 Tirupati Industrial Training Centre Hirday lal Baghi PR10000122 Katihar
356 Chandrakala Private ITI PR10000701 Khagaria
357 Chinta Devi Rajendra Prasad Private ITI PR10000685 Khagaria
358 Runa Chourasia Pvt. ITI PR10000818 Khagaria
359 SRI RLS Private ITI PU10000975 Khagaria
360 Masiha Institute of Technology Private ITI PR10000913 Kishanganj
361 Tauheed Institute of Engineering & Technology Indu PR10000065 Kishanganj
362 Baidyanath ITC PR10000320 Lakhisarai
363 Bhardawaj Iti PU10000764 Lakhisarai
364 Private ITI Purani Bazar, Surajgarha PR10000702 Lakhisarai
365 Sri Hari Private ITI PR10000522 Lakhisarai
366 Trimurti Pvt. Iti PU10000854 Lakhisarai
367 Basudev Shri Krishna Institute of Technical Education Private ITIQCI PR10000022 Madhepura
368 Koshi Private ITI PR10000699 Madhepura
369 Shri Shiv Private ITI PR10000698 Madhepura
370 A R Private ITI PR10000662 Madhubani
371 Abu Bakar-Siddique ITC PR10000285 Madhubani
372 Aryabhatt Private ITI PR10000538 Madhubani
373 Bihar ITC PR10000372 Madhubani
374 Govt ITI Ghoghardiha GR10000048 Madhubani
375 I M T Private ITI PR10000713 Madhubani
376 Jay Nagar Pvt. ITI PU10000782 Madhubani
377 Jhanjharpur Pvt. Iti PR10000783 Madhubani
378 Madhubani ITC PR10000387 Madhubani
379 Mithala ITC, Madhubani PR10000097 Madhubani
380 Nirmali Pvt ITI PR10000878 Madhubani
381 Pitambar Ramsakhi Private ITI PR10000563 Madhubani
382 Rabindrasingh Rathour Private ITI PR10000668 Madhubani
383 Sharda Temple Private ITI PR10000712 Madhubani
384 Guari Shankar ITC PR10000286 Motihari
385 Mahatma Gandhi ITC PR10000382 Motihari
386 Anandam ITC PR10000249 Munger
387 ANG ITC PR10000151 Munger
388 B.D. Private ITI PR10000745 Munger
389 Durga Private ITI PR10000468 Munger
390 EMINENCE Industrial Training Centre Basudeipur PR10000194 Munger
391 Gita Private ITI PR10000494 Munger
392 Govt ITI GR10000033 Munger
393 Hari Om ITC PR10000276 Munger
394 Jai Baba Baidyanath ITC PR10000427 Munger
395 KUNAL PRIVATE ITI PR10000902 Munger
396 Maa Gayatri Private ITI PR10000686 Munger
397 Madhav Private ITI PR10000556 Munger
398 Madhu ITC PR10000170 Munger
399 Madhu Private Iti PR10000790 Munger
400 Manju Srijan Private ITIQCI PR10000617 Munger
401 Om Private ITI PR10000450 Munger
402 Prabhat Private ITI PR10000630 Munger
403 Pratik Private ITI PR10000700 Munger
404 RAJO JIWAN PRIVATE ITI PU10001029 Munger
405 Ravs ITC PR10000268 Munger
406 S.R.M Industrial Training Centre PR10000114 Munger
407 Satya Sai Pvt. ITI – PR10000028 Munger
408 Shiv Satya Private ITI PR10000687 Munger
409 Shringi Private ITI PR10000962 Munger
410 Srishti ITC PR10000289 Munger
411 Sunrise ITC PR10000329 Munger
412 Sunrise Private ITI PU10000988 Munger
413 Surendra Private ITI PR10000543 Munger
414 Tarapur ITC PR10000319 Munger
415 Unique Private ITI PR10000746 Munger
416 A P J Abdul Kalam Private ITI PR10000945 Muzaffarpur
417 Alliance Private ITI PR10000530 Muzaffarpur
418 Ambika Bhawani Pvt Iti PR10000758 Muzaffarpur
419 Aryan Private ITI PR10000434 Muzaffarpur
420 Baba Jankinath Private ITI PR10000742 Muzaffarpur
421 Baba Vishwakarma Private ITI PR10000483 Muzaffarpur
422 Bahudesiya Odhogic Unayan Sansthan ITC PR10000138 Muzaffarpur
423 Buddha Technical Industrial Training Centre Khabra PR10000204 Muzaffarpur
424 Chandrakala Private ITI PR10000704 Muzaffarpur
425 Chetan Sadhana Private ITI PR10000658 Muzaffarpur
426 DOON PRIVATE ITI PR10000932 Muzaffarpur
427 Ghanshyam Sudama Pvt. Iti PR10000774 Muzaffarpur
428 Govt ITI GR10000052 Muzaffarpur
429 Govt.ITI for Women GR10000072 Muzaffarpur
430 GREATER PVT ITI PU10001008 Muzaffarpur
431 Heera Private ITI PR10000558 Muzaffarpur
432 Lautan Buddha Pvt Iti PR10000786 Muzaffarpur
433 Maa Chandrakanta Private ITI PR10000453 Muzaffarpur
434 Maa Tara Private ITI PR10000445 Muzaffarpur
435 MADHO MOHAN PRIVATE ITI PR10000907 Muzaffarpur
436 Modern Bahudesiya private ITI PR10000716 Muzaffarpur
437 Mohammed Yassen Memorial Technical Institute PR10000070 Muzaffarpur
438 Motipur Private ITI PR10000993 Muzaffarpur
439 Muzaffarpur ITC PR10000197 Muzaffarpur
440 Muzaffarpur ITC, Khachchi Sarai Road PR10000101 Muzaffarpur
441 NBIT Private ITI PR10000472 Muzaffarpur
442 New Bahudesia ITC PR10000277 Muzaffarpur
443 North Bihar Industrial Training Centre Gobarsahi Dumri Road PR10000314 Muzaffarpur
444 Palak ITC PR10000356 Muzaffarpur
445 POPULAR PRIVATE ITI PR10000887 Muzaffarpur
446 PRATIMA Private ITI PR10000900 Muzaffarpur
447 Professional Career Institute Private ITI PR10000680 Muzaffarpur
448 Raj Nandan Singh Private ITI PR10000465 Muzaffarpur
449 Rajnath Chaudhary Privare ITI PR10000031 Muzaffarpur
450 Sahkari Shilpi ITC PR10000215 Muzaffarpur
451 Sai Private ITI PR10001031 Muzaffarpur
452 Samrat Ashok Private ITI PR10000890 Muzaffarpur
453 Satya Private ITIQCI PR10000618 Muzaffarpur
454 Shaheed Bhagat Private Iti PR10000834 Muzaffarpur
455 Shaheed Pramod ITC, PR10000310 Muzaffarpur
456 Shiv Govind Private ITI PR10000918 Muzaffarpur
457 SKYLINE Private ITI PR10000935 Muzaffarpur
458 Smt. Daulati Devi Bindeswari Rai ITC PR10000383 Muzaffarpur
459 Sri Ram Pvt Iti PR10000845 Muzaffarpur
460 Sri Sai Private ITI PR10000741 Muzaffarpur
461 Srijan Private ITI PR10000847 Muzaffarpur
462 Swami Vivekanand Private ITI PR10000705 Muzaffarpur
463 Symbiosis ITC, Kanti PR10000111 Muzaffarpur
464 Technospace Private ITI PR10000994 Muzaffarpur
465 The Guidance Private ITI PR10000437 Muzaffarpur
466 The Guidance Private ITIQCI PR10000622 Muzaffarpur
467 Vimla Devi ITC PR10000381 Muzaffarpur
468 Aadhar Private ITI PR10000021 Nalanda
469 Ansh Private ITI PR10000637 Nalanda
470 Basudev Private ITI PR10000589 Nalanda
471 Bhagwan Budha Private ITI PR10000638 Nalanda
472 Bharat Private ITI PR10000443 Nalanda
473 Buddha International Private Iti PR10000766 Nalanda
474 Devendra ITC PR10000339 Nalanda
475 Devpati Institute Of Technology Private ITI PR10001030 Nalanda
476 Garib Rath Private ITI PR10000981 Nalanda
477 Gautam Budh Industrail Training Centre At-P.O Karai Par Sarai PR10000088 Nalanda
478 Gautam Private ITI PR10000420 Nalanda
479 Gilani Private ITI PR10000775 Nalanda
480 H.M. Private ITI PR10000657 Nalanda
481 I.K. Private ITI PR10000749 Nalanda
482 J.P. Institute of Technology Private ITIQCI Nalanda – PR10000663 Nalanda
483 J.P. Private ITI PR10000463 Nalanda
484 Janki Private ITI PR10000635 Nalanda
485 K.K. Neel Private ITI PR10000407 Nalanda
486 K.K.Nul ITC PR10000283 Nalanda
487 KD PRIVATE ITI PR10000896 Nalanda
488 KDS private ITI PR10000980 Nalanda
489 Kisan Private ITI PR10000634 Nalanda
490 Kisan Private ITI PR10000982 Nalanda
491 Kumar Private ITI PR10000409 Nalanda
492 MAA MANSA PRIVATE ITI PR10000983 Nalanda
493 Maa Shanti Private ITI PR10000690 Nalanda
494 Maa Smriti Private ITI PR10000430 Nalanda
495 Magadh ITC PR10000355 Nalanda
496 Mahadev Private ITI PR10000633 Nalanda
497 Mahatma Budh Private ITI PR10000023 Nalanda
498 Mahavir Private ITI PR10000402 Nalanda
499 Mamta Industrail Training Centre Bahisasur PR10000084 Nalanda
500 Mamta Private ITI PR10000189 Nalanda
501 Manav Private ITI PR10000748 Nalanda
502 Mata Ahilya Private ITI PR10000146 Nalanda
503 Mata Ahilya Private ITI PR10000547 Nalanda
504 Mata Bimla ITC PR10000149 Nalanda
505 Mata Kamleshwari Devi Smarak Sansthan Pvt. ITI PR10000082 Nalanda
506 Mata Kari Devi Private ITI PR10000520 Nalanda
507 MTA Private ITI PR10000571 Nalanda
508 Nalanda Convent Pvt Iti PU10000799 Nalanda
509 Nalanda ITC PR10000373 Nalanda
510 Nalanda ITC, PR10000001 Nalanda
511 Nav Nalanda Private ITI PR10000636 Nalanda
512 NEW RLS Private ITI PU10000961 Nalanda
513 Nidhi Rural ITC PR10000198 Nalanda
514 Paras Private ITI PR10000958 Nalanda
515 Pyare Singh Private ITI PR10000403 Nalanda
516 R L S Private ITI PR10000750 Nalanda
517 Radhe Krishna Private ITI PR10000405 Nalanda
518 Radhe Private ITI PR10000436 Nalanda
519 Raghuni Ramakant Private ITI PR10001014 Nalanda
520 Raj Gayatri Private ITI PR10000528 Nalanda
521 Rajgir ITC PR10000270 Nalanda
522 Rajgir ITC PR10000605 Nalanda
523 Ram Janki ITC PR10000190 Nalanda
524 Ritee Private ITI PR10000751 Nalanda
525 RIYA PVT ITI PR10001006 Nalanda
526 Rukmini Devi Private ITI PR10000454 Nalanda
527 Saiba ITC PR10000217 Nalanda
528 Sardar Patel Private Iti PR10000827 Nalanda
529 Savitri ITC PR10000274 Nalanda
530 Shree Balaji ITC PR10000338 Nalanda
532 Shreya ITC PR10000325 Nalanda
533 Sohagiya Pvt. Iti PR10000843 Nalanda
534 Sri Mahavir Private ITI PR10000461 Nalanda
535 Sri R.L.S. Pvt Iti PR10000844 Nalanda
536 Sri Vishnu Private ITI PR10000697 Nalanda
537 Surya Institute of Technology ITC PR10000354 Nalanda
538 Takshshila ITC PR10000275 Nalanda
539 TALENT HUT Private ITI PR10000904 Nalanda
540 Tanu Private ITI PR10000495 Nalanda
541 Tridev Private ITI PR10000752 Nalanda
542 Budhadha ITC, Sudama Nagar, Near Sabhawana Chowk PR10000112 Nawada
543 Chanakya Private ITI PR10000659 Nawada
544 Dr. Munnilal Private ITI PR10000736 Nawada
545 Govt ITI GR10000050 Nawada
546 Gurudev Private ITI PR10000656 Nawada
547 J.P.S Private ITI PR10000519 Nawada
548 Kalam Private ITI PR10000925 Nawada
549 Kumar ITC PR10000306 Nawada
550 Maa Savitri Pvt Iti PR10000788 Nawada
551 Maa Usha Devi Private ITI PR10000676 Nawada
552 Magadh Private ITI PR10000469 Nawada
553 Manorma Vidya Private ITI PR10000516 Nawada
554 Maurya ITC PR10000302 Nawada
555 New Magadh(P) Iti PU10000803 Nawada
556 RS private ITI PU10000926 Nawada
557 Sapna Pvt. ITI PR10000826 Nawada
558 Savitri Private ITI PR10000535 Nawada
559 Shiv Private ITI PR10000444 Nawada
560 Sidhhath ITC, Gauri Nagar PR10000105 Nawada
561 SRI RLS Private ITI PU10000927 Nawada
562 Abhinav Private ITI PR10000002 Pashchim Champaran
563 Govt.ITI Bettiah GR10000049 Pashchim Champaran
564 Krishna Industrial Training Centre PR10000222 Pashchim Champaran
565 Krishna Pvt Iti PR10000785 Pashchim Champaran
566 lakshya private iti PR10000575 Pashchim Champaran
567 PRABHA SHREE (PRIVATE) ITI PR10000867 Pashchim Champaran
568 Reyaz ITC PR10000066 Pashchim Champaran
569 Sathi Pvt. ITI PR10000830 Pashchim Champaran
570 Someshwar Nath Private ITI PR10000205 Pashchim Champaran
571 Thakur G.N. Singh Private ITI PR10000218 Pashchim Champaran
572 Unique Private ITI PR10000989 Pashchim Champaran
573 Abhedya Private ITI PR10000441 Patna
574 Aditya ITC PR10000161 Patna
575 Amin Girls ITC, Opposite Hai Commercial PR10000098 Patna
576 Anand Private ITI PR10000905 Patna
577 Angel Private ITI PR10000476 Patna
578 Anushka Private ITI PR10000717 Patna
579 Aryan ITC PR10000195 Patna
580 Asha Pvt. ITI PR10000024 Patna
581 Ashiana Industrial Training Centre PR10000295 Patna
582 Astha ITC PR10000168 Patna
583 Awadesh Sharma ITC PR10000398 Patna
584 Axis ITC PR10000604 Patna
585 Azad Industrail Traning Centre At-Paharpur PR10000085 Patna
586 Azmet ITC PR10000248 Patna
587 B K Institute of Technology PR10000056 Patna
588 B.P.S ITC PR10000227 Patna
589 B.S. ITC PR10000246 Patna
590 Balajee Institute of Technology PR10000062 Patna
591 Barh ITC PR10000223 Patna
592 Basudeo Private ITI PR10000665 Patna
593 Bharat Private ITI PR10000514 Patna
594 Bharti Private ITIQCI PR10000624 Patna
595 Bhartiya Industrial Training Centre Danapur PR10000134 Patna
596 Bihar ITC PR10000336 Patna
597 Briksha Watika ITC PR10000304 Patna
598 Brillant Industrial Training Centre Canel Road Jal PR10000125 Patna
599 Buddha Vishweshwaraiya ITC, Sipara PR10000178 Patna
600 Budhdha Private ITI PR10000655 Patna
601 Chanakya ITC PR10000360 Patna
602 Chanakya Pvt ITI PU10001001 Patna
603 Creative ITC PR10000224 Patna
604 DANAPUR ITI PU10000861 Patna
605 Dev Private ITI PR10000415 Patna
606 Devi Industrial Training Centre Mubarkpur PR10000124 Patna
607 DHANARUA PVT. ITI PR10001004 Patna
608 Digha ITC PR10000236 Patna
610 Dr. Kumar ITC PR10000316 Patna
611 Dr. M.P.Singh ITC PR10000202 Patna
612 E-Smart Private ITI PR10000017 Patna
613 EL Tech. ITC PR10000509 Patna
614 Fatuha ITC PR10000287 Patna
615 GAJRAJ PVT ITI PR10000869 Patna
616 Ganga ITC PR10000337 Patna
617 Ganga Prasad Private ITI PR10000722 Patna
618 Gaurav Private ITI PU10000772 Patna
619 Gautam Budh Private ITI PR10000525 Patna
620 Geeta Devi ITC PR10000326 Patna
621 Girija ITC PR10000185 Patna
622 Global ITC PR10000282 Patna
623 Govt ITI GR10000041 Patna
624 Govt ITI for Women GR10000035 Patna
625 Guatam Budh ITC, Nayachak PR10000104 Patna
626 Gyan Ganga ITC PR10000171 Patna
627 H.P ITC PR10000225 Patna
628 Hameed ITC PR10000233 Patna
629 Hari Om ITC, Dighaghat PR10000180 Patna
630 Harsh Industrial Taining Centre PR10000349 Patna
631 Himalaya ITC PR10000211 Patna
632 Hind ITC PR10000181 Patna
633 Indian ITC PR10000594 Patna
634 Indiramadhwrya Private ITI PR10000719 Patna
635 Indra Brother’s ITC PR10000353 Patna
636 Industrail Training Centre Paharpur More Fulwarisharif Road PR10000089 Patna
637 ITC Anisabad PR10000073 Patna
638 J.P.N PRIVATE ITI PU10001026 Patna
639 Jagdamba Private ITI PR10000462 Patna
640 Jageani Fulmanti Private ITI PR10000718 Patna
641 Jagtaran Kunwar Private ITI PR10000723 Patna
642 Jai HindPrivate ITI PU10000933 Patna
643 Jai Mata Sarswati ITC PR10000334 Patna
644 Janakveer Private ITI PR10000019 Patna
645 Janhit Private ITI PR10000536 Patna
646 Jiya ITC PR10000416 Patna
647 Jyoti Private ITI PR10000498 Patna
648 Kamal Deo Prasad ITC PR10000392 Patna
649 Kanti Private ITI PR10000550 Patna
650 Kautilya Private ITI PR10000460 Patna
651 Kiran ITC PR10000278 Patna
652 Konteya Private ITI PR10000598 Patna
653 Kuber ITC PR10000207 Patna
654 Kumhrar Private ITI PR10000539 Patna
655 Kusumraj Private ITI PR10000018 Patna
656 KUSUMRAJ PVT ITI PU10000868 Patna
657 Lok Nayak ITC PR10000281 Patna
658 Lord Budha ITC PR10000210 Patna
659 Loyala Private ITI PR10000053 Patna
660 Maa Gayatri Private ITI PR10000644 Patna
661 Maa Jagdamba ITC PR10000311 Patna
662 Maa Kamla Private ITI PR10000408 Patna
663 Magadh Industrial Training Centre Nasriganj PR10000093 Patna
664 Magadh International ITC PR10000293 Patna
665 Maha Lakshmi Private ITI PR10000404 Patna
666 Mahavir Private ITI PR10000477 Patna
667 Mamta Institute of Technology ITC PR10000076 Patna
668 Mamta ITC PR10000245 Patna
669 Mata Kanak Private ITI PR10000587 Patna
670 Maulana Minnatullah Rahamani Memo.Tech Instit PR10000057 Patna
671 Mijahidul Islam ITC, Patna PR10000113 Patna
672 Mitesh Private ITI PR10000406 Patna
673 Modal ITC PR10000457 Patna
674 Mokama ITC PR10000156 Patna
675 Mother ITC PR10000229 Patna
676 Moti Gajadhar Chandrika ITC PR10000187 Patna
677 Mountain Man Pvt. Iti PU10000797 Patna
678 Mourya Private ITI PR10000597 Patna
679 N.S. ITC PR10000369 Patna
680 Naino Private ITI PR10000537 Patna
681 Nalanda ITC, Pachasa More PR10000099 Patna
682 Nalanda Nidhi Industrial Training Centre Baktiyapur PR10000129 Patna
683 Namda Industrial Training Centre Rajiv Nagar PR10000123 Patna
684 Nand Kunwar Hari Ray Pvt. Iti PR10000800 Patna
685 Nank Kanwar ITC PR10000153 Patna
686 Narayan Private ITI PR10000642 Patna
687 National Industrial Training Centre Narsiganj Digha PR10000130 Patna
688 National Institute of Engg. Technology ITC PR10000102 Patna
689 Neezamia ITC, Model Colony PR10000100 Patna
690 New Buddh Vishweshwariya Pvt. Iti PU10000801 Patna
691 New Global Private Iti PU10000802 Patna
692 NEW MAA KAMLA PVT ITI PR10001003 Patna
694 New Techno Private ITI PR10000466 Patna
695 Om Sai Pvt. ITI PR10001002 Patna
696 Orient ITC PR10000247 Patna
697 Paramba ITC PR10000379 Patna
698 Parvati Industrail Training Centre Chitnawan PR10000131 Patna
699 Patel Private ITI PU10000808 Patna
701 Patil Putra Industrial Training Centre Maurya Path Khajpura PR10000136 Patna
702 Patiliputra ITC PR10000152 Patna
703 Patliputra International Private ITI PR10000576 Patna
704 Patliputra ITC PR10000209 Patna
705 Patliputra Private ITI PR10000565 Patna
706 Patliputra Private ITI PR10000720 Patna
707 Patliputra Tech. Institute, (Opp. Railway Station) Bihta PR10000109 Patna
708 Patna Industrial Training Centre At/Po Phulwari Sharif PR10000116 Patna
709 Patna Private ITI PR10000158 Patna
710 Pinak Private ITI PR10000641 Patna
711 Prakash Punj Induatrial Training Centre PR10000350 Patna
712 PRATAP PRIVATE ITI PU10000951 Patna
713 Priya Institute of Electronic & Technology PR10000491 Patna
714 Prof. Abdul Bari Technical Centre, Alba Colony, Phulwari Sharif PR10000141 Patna
715 PUNPUN PRIVATE ITI PU10000985 Patna
716 R.P.S Industrial Training Center PR10000811 Patna
717 Rabindrasingh Rathour Private ITI PR10000640 Patna
718 Raj Deo Yadav Pvt. Iti PR10000813 Patna
719 Ram Sakal Sinha ITC PR10000391 Patna
720 Ramanand Private Iti PR10000816 Patna
721 Rambagh ITC PR10000165 Patna
722 Ramjee Yadav Private ITI PR10000987 Patna
723 RBPS PRIVATE ITI PU10000997 Patna
724 Reena ITC, Paschim Bihar, Ranjanpath, New Bailly Road, Danapur PR10000107 Patna
725 Regional Vocational Training Institute, Patna CFI1000001 Patna
726 Rose Private ITI PR10000506 Patna
727 S L Roy Private ITI PR10000895 Patna
728 S.D ITC PR10000157 Patna
729 S.D.P Pvt. Iti PU10000820 Patna
730 S.H.Private ITI PR10000721 Patna
731 S.R.M Industrail Training Centre Dighghat PR10000133 Patna
732 Sahvir Mahto Private ITI PR10000968 Patna
733 Sai Industrail Traininig Centre PR10000173 Patna
734 Sai Institute of Technical & Professional Courses ITC PR10000432 Patna
735 Sai Private ITI PR10000521 Patna
736 SAI PRIVATE ITI PU10000889 Patna
737 Sai Private ITI PU10000986 Patna
738 samriddhi Private ITI PR10000956 Patna
739 Sandhya ITC, Phulwari Sharif PR10000110 Patna
740 Saraswati Private ITI PR10000643 Patna
741 Sarwar Jahan ITC PR10000203 Patna
742 Satyadeo Prasad Gupta Private ITI PR10000458 Patna
744 SATYAM PRIVATE ITI PR10000876 Patna
745 Shah Rashidulla Institute of Tech & V T C PR10000059 Patna
746 Shakaldeep Singh ITC PR10000162 Patna
747 Shanti Devi Private ITI PR10000487 Patna
748 Shanti ITC PR10000253 Patna
749 Shanti Krishan ITC PR10000077 Patna
750 Shanti Krishna Private ITI PR10000230 Patna
751 Sher Mohammad Industrial Training Cetnre, Dehri House PR10000120 Patna
752 Shivam Institute of Technology ITC PR10000234 Patna
753 Shresth Aadya Pvt. Iti PU10000839 Patna
754 Shristi ITC PR10000312 Patna
755 Siddharth Industrail Training Centre Jakkanpur PR10000094 Patna
756 Siddharth Institute of Technology ITC PR10000322 Patna
757 Sir Ganesh Dutta ITC PR10000500 Patna
758 Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ITC PR10000231 Patna
759 Sir Syed Technical Training Centre Akbarpur PR10000081 Patna
760 Sito Memorial Private ITI PR10001024 Patna
761 Sri Hari ITC PR10000388 Patna
762 Sri Satya Sai Private ITI PR10000549 Patna
763 Sristi ITC PR10000425 Patna
764 St. Lawrence Technical Institute Adarsh Nagar PR10000090 Patna
765 St. M.G.R Lyenger Industrail Training Centre PR10000087 Patna
766 Sukh Shanti Pvt ITI PR10000865 Patna
767 Sukhdeo ITC PR10000265 Patna
768 Sukwari Devi Private ITI PR10000583 Patna
769 Suman Private ITI PR10000666 Patna
770 Sunny ITC PR10000328 Patna
771 Tanisha Private ITI PR10000561 Patna
772 Tarkeshwar Rajkumari Bright ITC PR10000172 Patna
773 Tathagat Private ITI PR10000226 Patna
774 Tathagat Education Mission ITC PR10000154 Patna
775 Taxshila ITC PR10000150 Patna
776 Techno ITC PR10000418 Patna
777 Ujjwal ITC, Bishunpur Pakri PR10000179 Patna
778 Uma Private ITI PR10000456 Patna
779 Universal ITC, Kankarbagh PR10000106 Patna
780 Urmila ITC PR10000568 Patna
781 Urmila ITC PR10000380 Patna
782 Verma Private ITI , PR10000667 Patna
783 Vidya ITC PR10000188 Patna
784 Vikas Kendra ITC PR10000252 Patna
786 Awadhesh Singh Private ITI PR10000020 Purba Champaran
787 Bapudham ITC PR10000183 Purba Champaran
788 Bettiah Private ITI PR10000647 Purba Champaran
789 BHARTI PRIVATE ITI PR10001020 Purba Champaran
790 Bhaskar Private ITI PR10000684 Purba Champaran
791 Buddha Private ITI PR10000991 Purba Champaran
792 Eastern Pvt. ITI PU10000771 Purba Champaran
793 Government ITI GR10000051 Purba Champaran
794 Indus Pvt Iti PR10000780 Purba Champaran
795 Mata Anari Devi Private ITI A2 PR10000669 Purba Champaran
796 Moutiur Rahman Private ITI PR10000508 Purba Champaran
797 S R Pvt ITI PR10000877 Purba Champaran
798 S.N. Pvt Iti PU10000821 Purba Champaran
799 Shree Bahadur Singh Private ITI PR10000952 Purba Champaran
800 Imarat Technical Institute ITC PR10000096 Purnia
801 NARAYAN Private ITI PR10000920 Purnia
802 Purna Aranya Pvt Iti PR10000809 Purnia
803 Seemanchal Private ITI PR10000548 Purnia
804 Swadeshi Private ITI PR10000694 Purnia
805 Swami Vivekanand Mission Private ITIQCI PR10000623 Purnia
806 Uma Pvt. Iti PU10000855 Purnia
807 Umakant Sulochana Private ITI PR10000693 Purnia
808 UPENDRA PRIVATE ITI PR10000924 Purnia
809 A.K. Private ITIHansraj Nagar, Admapur PR10000003 Rohtas
810 Aayansh Private ITI PR10000977 Rohtas
811 Aishwaryagyan Private ITI PR10000695 Rohtas
812 Ambedkar Private ITI PR10000578 Rohtas
813 Amit ITC PR10000255 Rohtas
814 Anandi Private ITI PR10000004 Rohtas
815 Anshumali Private ITI PR10000007 Rohtas
816 Archi ITC PR10000378 Rohtas
817 Aryaman ITC PR10000332 Rohtas
818 Baba Jankinath ITC PR10000393 Rohtas
819 Bahudesiya Industrial Training Centre PR10000068 Rohtas
820 Bhagwan Das ITC PR10000344 Rohtas
821 Bhagwan Singh ITC PR10000364 Rohtas
822 Gayatri Private ITI PR10000515 Rohtas
823 Gems Girl Private ITI PR10000664 Rohtas
824 Gems ITC PR10000075 Rohtas
825 Gems Pvt. Iti PR10000773 Rohtas
826 Govt ITI GR10000034 Rohtas
827 H.P. ITC PR10000394 Rohtas
828 Ideal Private ITI PR10000559 Rohtas
829 Jai Mata Di ITC PR10000358 Rohtas
830 Kedar Mishra Private ITI PR10000009 Rohtas
831 M.Q. Institute of Technology Private ITI PR10000513 Rohtas
833 Mahatma Gandhi ITC PR10000208 Rohtas
834 Malti Pvt Iti PR10000792 Rohtas
835 Mangal Singh Private ITI PR10000006 Rohtas
836 Manoj Private ITI PR10000691 Rohtas
837 Model Institute of Technology Private ITI PR10000595 Rohtas
838 Modern Industrail Training centre A.S College Road PR10000140 Rohtas
839 Modern Industrial Training Centre Shayam Nagar PR10000174 Rohtas
840 Moti Devi Pvt. Iti PR10000796 Rohtas
841 New Jai Mata Di Private ITI PR10000596 Rohtas
842 New Shershah ITC PR10000309 Rohtas
843 P.H. Private ITI PR10000692 Rohtas
844 Pandit Brahmdev Private ITI PR10000008 Rohtas
845 Parmarth Industrial Training Centre PR10000251 Rohtas
846 Parwati Private ITI PR10000612 Rohtas
847 Patel Private ITI PU10001011 Rohtas
848 Popular ITC, Lalganj, Baijla Road Sasaram PR10000147 Rohtas
849 Prabha ITC PR10000079 Rohtas
850 Rahul Private ITI PR10000562 Rohtas
851 Rajpur Private ITI PR10000978 Rohtas
852 RGSM Pvt. ITI PR10001022 Rohtas
853 Rohtas Industrail Training Centre PR10000351 Rohtas
854 Sangali ITC PR10000262 Rohtas
855 Sangam Pvt. ITI PU10000866 Rohtas
856 Saraswati ITC PR10000365 Rohtas
857 Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel Private ITI PR10000753 Rohtas
858 Satya Private ITI PR10000496 Rohtas
859 Shahbad ITC PR10000166 Rohtas
860 Shakuntalam ITC PR10000307 Rohtas
861 Shershah ITC PR10000221 Rohtas
862 SherShah ITC PR10000377 Rohtas
863 Shershah Private ITI PR10000005 Rohtas
864 Sri Ramji Private ITI PR10000467 Rohtas
865 Sunshine Pvt. Iti PR10000849 Rohtas
866 Sushil ITC PR10000272 Rohtas
867 Swami Vivekanand Pvt. I.T.I. PU10000851 Rohtas
868 Swami Vivekanand Pvt. ITI PR10000852 Rohtas
869 Tarachandi Private ITI PR10000442 Rohtas
870 Technocrats ITC PR10000340 Rohtas
871 Vishwakarma ITC, PR10000296 Rohtas
872 Vishwamitra Private ITI PR10000696 Rohtas
873 Chaudhary Mohammad Salahuddin Private ITI PU10000914 Saharsa
874 Durgbha Private ITI PU10000769 Saharsa
875 Siya ITC PR10000297 Saharsa
876 Aditya Raj Private ITI PR10000473 Samastipur
877 Buddha Private ITI PR10000725 Samastipur
878 Dalsinghsarai technical Private ITI PR10000891 Samastipur
879 Gautam Buddha Private ITI PR10000449 Samastipur
880 Haji MD Umar Private ITI PR10000930 Samastipur
881 Jyoti ITC PR10000363 Samastipur
882 LAKSHYA Private ITI PU10000928 Samastipur
883 Maa Rankini Private ITI PR10000996 Samastipur
884 Maa Sharda Private ITI PU10000863 Samastipur
885 Mithilanchal Gaurav Private ITI PR10000646 Samastipur
886 Namda ITC PR10000250 Samastipur
887 NEW RAJENDRA Private ITI PR10001000 Samastipur
888 New Samastipur ITC PR10000273 Samastipur
889 New Sant Kabir Private ITI PU10000937 Samastipur
890 Rahbar Industrial Technical Institute PR10000812 Samastipur
891 Rajendra ITC PR10000384 Samastipur
892 Ranjan ITC PR10000303 Samastipur
893 Ranjan Private ITI PR10000433 Samastipur
894 RVS PRIVATE ITI PR10001017 Samastipur
895 S.N.L.B Private ITI PR10000429 Samastipur
896 Sahil ITC PR10000269 Samastipur
897 Samastipur Institute Of Technology PR10000824 Samastipur
898 Samastipur ITC PR10000164 Samastipur
899 Sant Kabir ITC PR10000263 Samastipur
900 Santmat ITC PR10000386 Samastipur
901 Satanpur Pvt Iti PR10000829 Samastipur
902 Sharda Private ITI PR10000505 Samastipur
903 Sushila Thakur Private ITI PR10000929 Samastipur
904 Alrehan Private ITI PR10000727 Saran
905 Aryan Pvt. Iti PR10000760 Saran
906 B.P.S Industrial Training Centre Chapra PR10000119 Saran
908 C.S private I T I Marhowrah PR10000135 Saran
909 DBS ITC PR10000308 Saran
910 Govt ITI Marhowara GR10000039 Saran
911 Harihar Nath Pvt Iti PR10000777 Saran
912 Hariharnath ITC PR10000294 Saran
913 Jagarnath Singh Jagroshan Devi ITC PR10000060 Saran
914 Jawahar Lal ITC PR10000259 Saran
915 Kiran Shankar ITC PR10000232 Saran
916 Kunal Private ITIQCI PR10000613 Saran
917 Maa Ambika Bhawani Private ITI PR10000672 Saran
918 Maa Prabhawati Singh Private ITI PR10000650 Saran
919 New Radiant Pvt Iti PR10000804 Saran
920 R.K. Singh Private ITI PR10000599 Saran
921 RSM private ITI PR10000990 Saran
922 S.D.S.M. Private ITI PR10000542 Saran
923 S.S ITC PR10000155 Saran
924 Satyakala Pvt. ITIQCI PR10000014 Saran
925 Satyam Private Iti PU10000832 Saran
926 Sharda Pvt. Iti PR10000836 Saran
927 Shilpi Private ITI PR10000649 Saran
928 Shiv Kumari Singh Private ITI PR10000670 Saran
929 Sita Ram Private ITI PR10000671 Saran
930 Sri Sai Private ITI PR10000946 Saran
931 Suraj Sawariya Private ITI PR10000435 Saran
932 Tejaswi Private ITI PR10000581 Saran
933 Tripti Narayan Singh Private ITI PR10000726 Saran
934 Vaishali Private ITI PR10000438 Saran
935 Vijay Anand Pvt. I.T.I. PR10000856 Saran
936 Vijay ITC PR10000389 Saran
937 Aditya Saurav Private ITI PR10000744 Sheikhpura
938 Adventure Private ITI PR10000681 Sheikhpura
939 DR SRIKRISHANA SINGH Private ITI PR10000936 Sheikhpura
940 Magadh Private ITI PR10000682 Sheikhpura
941 RS Private ITI PU10000963 Sheikhpura
942 Shailbala Pvt. Iti PR10000835 Sheikhpura
943 Sri Sai Pvt. Iti PR10000846 Sheikhpura
944 Techno India Private ITI PR10000030 Sheikhpura
945 Vatika Private ITI PR10000029 Sheikhpura
946 mahavidyadeviprivateiti PU10000875 Sheohar
947 Govt ITI GR10000046 Sitamarhi
948 Lakshaya ITC PR10000237 Sitamarhi
949 Lakshmi Ramsagar Private ITI PR10000507 Sitamarhi
950 Mahatma Budha ITC, PR10000313 Sitamarhi
951 Maitreyi Private ITI PR10000728 Sitamarhi
952 Modern Educational Private ITI PR10000673 Sitamarhi
953 Namda ITC PR10000078 Sitamarhi
954 Namda Private ITI PR10000592 Sitamarhi
955 Ramsukh Industrial Training Centre Suppi PR10000121 Sitamarhi
956 Shashi Memorial Private ITI PR10000654 Sitamarhi
957 Sita Ram ITC PR10000371 Sitamarhi
958 Sunayana Industrial Training Center PR10000144 Sitamarhi
959 Techood Industrial Traning Institute PU10000853 Sitamarhi
960 Baba Mahendranath Pvt. Iti PR10000762 Siwan
961 Bhartiya Private ITI PR10000645 Siwan
962 Brij Private ITI PR10000912 Siwan
963 CBI ITC PR10000167 Siwan
964 Central Private ITI PR10000481 Siwan
965 Chandra Pvt. ITI PR10001016 Siwan
966 D.V.S. Private ITI PR10000573 Siwan
967 Gorakh Prasad Private ITI PR10000959 Siwan
968 JMD Private ITI PR10001012 Siwan
969 John Eliot Private ITI PR10000532 Siwan
970 Lord Budha Private ITI PR10000711 Siwan
971 Mahendra Nath Private ITI PR10000439 Siwan
972 Palak Buddha Private ITI PR10000922 Siwan
973 Ram Swaroop Private ITI PR10000459 Siwan
974 Sakar Pvt Iti PR10000823 Siwan
975 Siwan Institute of Technology PR10000074 Siwan
976 SUBHASH PRASAD Private ITI PR10000966 Siwan
978 Zawar Hussain Private Iti PR10000858 Siwan
979 Govt ITI, Birpur GR10000043 Supaul
980 Govt.ITI Supaul GR10000047 Supaul
981 Techno Media ITC, Lohiya Nagar PR10000103 Supaul
982 Al-Falah Industrai Training Centre at Bagh Dulhan PR10000092 Vaishali
983 Bhagmati Bhukhan ITC PR10000244 Vaishali
984 Bhushan Raghuvir Private ITI PR10000455 Vaishali
985 Bihar Industrial Training Centre At-PO Hajipur PR10000086 Vaishali
986 BPS Private ITIQCI PR10000628 Vaishali
987 Buddha Private ITI PR10000428 Vaishali
988 BUDDHA VAISHALI PVT. ITI. PR10000872 Vaishali
989 C.R.K. Private ITI PR10000488 Vaishali
990 Chandra ITC PR10000375 Vaishali
991 Chandra Private ITI PR10000964 Vaishali
992 Chaurasia Rajkishore Pvt ITI PR10000175 Vaishali
993 Dimond Private ITI PR10000574 Vaishali
994 DISCOVERY PRIVATE ITI PR10000909 Vaishali
995 Dr. Laxmi Prasad Sinha Private ITI PR10000648 Vaishali
996 Glister Private ITI PR10001032 Vaishali
997 Global Private Iti PR10000776 Vaishali
998 Govt ITI GR10000054 Vaishali
999 GREATER PVT ITI PR10000874 Vaishali
1000 Hajipur Private ITI PR10000464 Vaishali
1001 Hari Om Private ITI PR10000577 Vaishali
1002 JAGDAMBA PRIVATE ITI PU10001033 Vaishali
1003 Kapildeo Private ITIQCI PR10000621 Vaishali
1004 Laliteshhna ITC PR10000390 Vaishali
1005 Laxmi Pvt ITI PR10000489 Vaishali
1006 Mahnar Private ITIQCI PR10000615 Vaishali
1007 Mathura Singh Savitri Devi ITC PR10000345 Vaishali
1008 Md. Haroon Private ITI PR10000554 Vaishali
1009 Mgm Private Iti PU10000794 Vaishali
1010 Navbharat Private ITI PR10000502 Vaishali
1011 NB PRIVATE ITI PU10000873 Vaishali
1012 Om Pvt. Iti PU10000806 Vaishali
1013 Padma Shree K.D. Dewaan ITC PR10000490 Vaishali
1014 Priyanshi ITC PR10000385 Vaishali
1015 R.C.S Pvt. Iti PR10000810 Vaishali
1016 Rajendra Rai Pvt Iti PR10000814 Vaishali
1017 Ram Deo Singh Pvt. Iti PR10000815 Vaishali
1018 Ram Kumari Devi Private ITI PR10000586 Vaishali
1019 Ramaiya Private ITI PR10000551 Vaishali
1020 Ramchandra ITC PR10000242 Vaishali
1021 S.P. S. Private ITI PR10000526 Vaishali
1023 Sdt Private Iti PU10000833 Vaishali
1024 Shiva Ji Pvt ITI PU10000882 Vaishali
1025 Shourya ITC PR10000206 Vaishali
1026 Unique Pvt. ITI PR10000879 Vaishali
1027 Vaishali ITC PR10000341 Vaishali
1028 Vaishali Private ITI PR10000440 Vaishali
1029 Viashali Private ITI PR10000729 Vaishali
1030 VIJAYA PRIVATE ITI PU10000893 Vaishali

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