Andhra Pradesh ITI Result 2024

In the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, the governing body of the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) is the Government of Andhra Pradesh’s Department of Employment and Training (DET). The National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) advises the different state governments on the various rules and regulations for conducting the varied training programs and the semester exams as well.

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There are several ITI centers across all the states in India to cater to the technical knowledge needs of the country’s youth. Also, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has established 59 training centers to impart technical education to the aspirants and for engaging them in the various engineering and non-engineering trades. As per your interests, you can enroll in the courses to become a technically-trained professional in the chosen trade.

Also, you can opt for Apprenticeship training after completing the trade courses. Post the training period, the Apprenticeship Certificate is conferred that helps to avail the available employment opportunities.

Andhra Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2024

For all semesters – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones – of the ITI courses, the results are uploaded on the official website of NCVT,, on a state-wise basis. For the state of Andhra Pradesh’s ITI results, the candidates have to select the Andhra Pradesh state on the site and then, enter their respective roll number for downloading their results.

All the information related to the Andhra Pradesh NCVT ITI Results can, also, be viewed from the website, The details regarding the ITIs – including the admission process, results, and latest updates – are updated on the site as well.

Steps to check and download Andhra Pradesh NCVT ITI trade examination result
1 You need to open the official website of ITI by selecting Andhra Pradesh State.
2 Check for the link ITI NCVT Result 2024 In Official Website.
3 Check for the page of NCVT ITI Result 2024
4 Submit the needed details and download the result in PDF file.


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Andhra Pradesh SCVT ITI Results 2023 – All Semester
NCVT ITI Results 2023 – 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Semester

Andhra Pradesh Colleges List

S.N. ITI Code ITI Name
1 PR28000194 A J K Industrial Training Centre
2 PR28000338 A Raja Reddy Memorial Industrail Training Centre
3 PR28000032 A.V.R Memorial ITC
4 PU28000366 Adi Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Complex Ba
5 PR28000274 Aditya Industrial Training Centre
6 PR28000200 Alluri Satyanarayana Raju (ASR ITC) Industrial Training Centre
7 PU28000082 Alpha Industrial Training Centre , Narasaraopet
8 PR28000464 Ambica Pvt.ITI., Kasibugga
9 PU28000264 AMG Deichman Industrial Training Centre,Chilakaluripet
10 PR28000276 Anakapalli Sri Satyanaraya I.T.C
11 PR28000001 Andhra Kesari Industrial Training Centre, Ongole
12 PR28000248 Andhra. Kesari I.T.C .P.H Industrial Training Centre
13 PR28000050 Angelo Industrial Training Centre, Hindupur
14 PU28000083 Arch Bishop Thomas Pothacammury Industrial Training Centre,Ravipadu
15 PR28000103 Arif Private ITI, Parchur
16 PU28000203 Arsha Bharti Educational Society ITC
17 PR28000008 B P R R Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandikotkur
18 PR28000390 Balaji ITC
19 PR28000111 Bandaru Rangaiah Yadav Memorial Private ITI, Racherla
20 PR28000092 Basavatarakam Industrial Training Centre, Kanigiri
21 PR28000185 Batchala Nagamma Memorial Industrial Training Centre
23 PR28000135 Bejjam Veerputra Memorial (B.V.M) Industrial Training Centre
24 PR28000455 Bhagavatula Charitable Trust Private ITI,
25 PR28000051 Bharat Industrial Training Centre
26 PU28000223 Bharat Industrial Training Centre
27 PR28000282 Bharat Industrial Training Centre,Nidubrolu
28 PU28000178 Bharat Ratna Industrial Training Centre
29 PR28000052 Bharath Industrial Training Centre
30 PR28000221 Bharathi Industrial Training Centre
31 PR28000339 Bhaskar Industrial Training Centre
32 PR28000302 Bhavani Industrial Training Centre
33 PR28000395 Bhavani ITC
34 PR28000393 Bramaramba ITC
35 PU28000367 Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical Engg. Training Unit
36 PR28000284 Chaitanya ITI
37 PR28000462 Chaitanya Private ITI
38 PR28000298 Chakradhara Industrial Training Centre,Macherla
39 PR28000035 Chandra Subha Private ITI,
40 PR28000374 Charith Private ITI
41 PR28000394 Christ Dogga ITC
42 PR28000348 Christian Industrial Training Centre
43 PR28000016 Chukkapalli Industrial Training Centre
44 PR28000475 Cprr Private Iti
45 PR28000283 Datta Sai & Sabeer Private ITI,Vinukonda
46 PR28000094 Dharani Industrial Training Centre, Besthavaripeta
47 PR28000329 Dharmatheja Industrial Training Centre
48 PR28000190 Diviseema Industrial Training Centre
49 PR28000454 DMK Private ITI
50 PR28000297 Don Bosco Industrial Training Centre,Guntur
51 PR28000166 Don Bosco Industrial Training Institute
52 PR28000355 Dr P M R Industrial Training Centre Tirupathi
53 PR28000189 Dr Tamma Anand Memorial Industrial Training Centre
54 GR28000181 Dr V Kranthis Govt ITI
55 PU28000477 Dr Y.S.R.Memorial Private Iti.
56 PR28000361 Dr. Ambedkar Memorial I.T.C Butchanna Konerru Road
57 PR28000173 Dr. B S R Industrial Training Institute
58 PR28000028 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Industrial Training Centre
59 PU28000212 Dr. D.S. Raju Private ITI
60 PR28000448 DRS Private ITI
61 PR28000434 DVS Giri Private ITI
62 PR28000449 DVS Giri Private ITI
63 PR28000287 ELIM Industrial Training Centre
65 PR28000147 G D Naidu Industrial Training Institute, Kavali
66 PR28000358 G. C. Rangareddy Memorial Industrial Training Centre
67 PR28000419 Gayathri Industrial Training Centre
68 PU28000404 Gayatri Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Adoni
69 PR28000091 Gottipati Hanumantha Rao Memorial ITC, Martur
70 GR28000107 Govt ITI, Markapur
71 GU28000260 Govt District Level Training Centre / Industrial
72 GR28000149 Govt District Level Industrial Training Institute, Gudur
73 GR28000148 Govt District Level Training Centre / ITI
74 GU28000040 Govt District Level Training Centre / ITI
75 GR28000158 Govt District Level Training Centre/ITI, Eluru
76 GR28000041 Govt Industrial Training Institute
77 GR28000123 Govt Industrial Training Institute
78 GR28000150 Govt Industrial Training Institute
79 GR28000151 Govt Industrial Training Institute
80 GR28000153 Govt Industrial Training Institute
81 GR28000208 Govt Industrial Training Institute
82 GR28000238 Govt Industrial Training Institute
83 GR28000182 Govt Industrial Training Institute
84 GR28000335 Govt Industrial Training Institute
85 GU28000144 Govt Industrial Training Institute (Old) Visakhapatnam
86 GR28000155 Govt Industrial Training Institute Boys, Ongole
87 GR28000255 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls
88 GR28000290 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls
89 GR28000239 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women
90 GU28000007 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women
91 GU28000235 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women
92 GR28000053 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women
93 GR28000271 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, Etcherla
94 GR28000206 Govt Industrial Training Institute Tenali
95 GR28000154 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bobbili
96 GR28000039 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Dhone
97 GR28000244 Govt Residential Industial Training Institute for
98 GR28000176 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute
99 GR28000241 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute for Girls
100 GR28000301 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute, Bhadragiri
101 GR28000268 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute,Macherla
102 GR28000215 Govt Training Cum Production Centre for Physically Handicapped,Bakkanapalem
103 GR28000157 Govt. District Level Training Centre / Industrial Training Institute
104 GR28000145 Govt. Industrail Training Institute, Nellore
105 GR28000308 Govt. Industrial Training Institute
106 GR28000054 Govt. Industrial Training Institute
107 GU28000198 Govt. Industrial Training Institute (New)
108 GR28000281 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Girls
109 GR28000305 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Girls, Gudivada
110 GR28000090 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Girls, Ong
111 GR28000270 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Girls,Nellore
112 GR28000230 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Minorities.
113 GR28000341 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Narsipatnam
114 GR28000030 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Nuzvid
115 GR28000317 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Seethampeta
116 GR28000303 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Thamballapall
117 GR28000296 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Vakadu
118 GR28000139 Govt. ITI
119 GR28000142 Govt. ITI
120 GR28000291 Govt. ITI
121 GR28000313 Govt. ITI
122 GR28000405 Govt. ITI Alur
123 GR28000314 Govt. ITI for Minorities, Kadapa
124 GR28000385 Govt. ITI Tondur
125 GR28000384 Govt. ITI Vemula
126 GR28000386 Govt. ITI,
127 GR28000055 Govt. ITI, Guntakal
128 GR28000056 Govt. ITI, Hindupur
129 GR28000114 Govt. ITI, Kandukur
130 GR28000387 Govt. ITI, Lingala
131 GR28000407 Govt. ITI, Payakaraopeta,
132 GR28000388 Govt. ITI, Podalakur
133 GR28000416 Govt. ITI, Rajam
134 GR28000383 Govt. ITI, Rajampet
135 GR28000471 Govt. ITI, Tadpatri
136 GR28000058 Govt. ITI, Uravakonda-(M),
137 GR28000325 Govt. ITI, Vijayapuram
138 GR28000382 Govt. ITI, Yerraguntla
139 PR28000128 Gowtham Industrial Training Centre
141 PR28000015 Gudivada Industrial Training Centre
142 PU28000316 Hazarth Junnu S-haheed Industrial Training Centre ,Guntur
143 PR28000273 Hi-Tech Industrial Training Centre
144 PU28000217 Hori Priya Vizag Industrial Training Centre
145 PU28000236 I G M Engineers ITI
146 PR28000059 Ibrahimpatnam Industrial Training Centre, Madigubba
147 PR28000225 Indira Gandhi Ayyappa Industrial Training Centre
148 PR28000415 Indira ITC
149 PR28000330 Indira Priyadarshini Industrial Training Centre,Sa
150 PU28000043 J V R R Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandyal
151 PR28000375 Jagadheswari ITC
152 PU28000431 Jagan Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandyal
153 PR28000472 Jampal Annapurna Industrial Training Centre
154 PR28000328 Janjanam Mangaladri Industrial Training Centre,Chi
155 PR28000363 Jaswanth Industrail Training Centre Korukonda
156 PR28000413 Jawaharlal Nehru ITC
157 PR28000130 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Ex-Servicemen Industrial Training Centre
158 PR28000362 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Ex-Servicemen Industrial Training Centre
159 PR28000003 Jaya Industrial Training Centre, Maddipadu
161 PR28000391 Jyothi ITC
162 PR28000288 Jyothi Industrial Training Centre
163 PR28000233 K N R Memorial Industrial Training Centre
164 PU28000262 K R Industrial Training Centre
165 PR28000101 K.G.R. ITC, Cumbum
166 PR28000106 K.G.R. ITC, Darsi
167 PR28000110 K.G.R. Private ITI, Besthavaripeta
168 PU28000177 Kakatiya Industrial Training Centre
169 PR28000280 Kalyana Chakravarthi Industrial Training Centre
170 PR28000337 Kanji Ramachandra Reddy Industrial Training Centre
171 PR28000109 Karthikeya ITC, Santhamagaluru
172 PR28000126 Kiran Industrial Training Centre
173 PR28000159 Kodali Anjaneyulu Heliopion Lion Industrial Training Institute, Denduluru
174 PR28000381 Kolleru Pvt ITI (Shifted from Krishna/ R.R)
175 PR28000118 Kripa Kamal Memo. Industrial Training Centre
176 PR28000323 Krishna Industrial Training Centre
177 PR28000129 Krishna Kumar Industrial Training Centre
178 PR28000210 Krishnaveni Industrial Training Centre
179 PU28000429 Krishnaveni Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Ku
180 PU28000493 KSR Private ITI
181 PR28000311 Lakshmi Industrial Training Centre
182 PR28000121 Lalitha Parameswari Memorial Industrial Training Centre
183 PR28000372 laxmikanth ITC, Pendurthi, Distt. Visakhapatnam
184 PR28000286 Lenora Industrial Training Centre
185 PR28000261 Loyola Industrial Training Centre
186 PR28000345 M. G. S. Industrial Training Centre,Takkellapadu
187 PR28000320 M.A.M. ITC,Narasaraopet
188 PU28000263 M.P.R. Memorial Industrial Training Centre,Gamalapadu
189 PR28000060 Mahalakshmi Industrial Training Centre
190 PR28000061 Mahalakshmi ITC
191 PR28000004 Mallineni Perumallu Indu. Training Centre, Singarayakonda
192 PR28000088 Maruthi Industrial Training Centre, Inkollu
193 PU28000410 Matrix ITC
194 PR28000266 Minerva Industrial Training Centrre
195 PR28000275 Minors Industrial Training Centre
196 PR28000421 Modal ITC
197 PU28000412 Modern ITC
198 PR28000446 Moksha Gundam Visweswarayya Private ITI
199 PR28000326 Mokshagundem Vishesweriah Industrial Training Cent
200 PR28000459 MSR National Private ITI
201 PR28000243 Nagarjun Industrial Training Centre
202 PR28000353 Nagarjuna Industrial Training Centre
203 PR28000138 Nagarjuna ITC
204 PR28000379 Nagarjuna ITC
205 PR28000293 Nagavali Industrial Training Centre
206 PR28000269 Nalam Industrial Training Centre
207 PR28000171 Nalanda Industrial Training Centre
208 PR28000406 Nandeeswara Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Kodumur
209 PU28000373 Nandu ITC,Kamthi Road, kailash Naar,Gajumme, Distt. Visakhapatnam
210 PR28000359 National Industrial Training Centre
211 PR28000062 National Pvt ITI
212 PU28000046 National Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Kurnool
213 PR28000285 Navanidhi Industrial Training Centre
214 PR28000315 Navodaya Industrial Training Centre
215 PR28000012 NCF & VDS s Industrial Training Centre
216 PR28000463 Needs Industrial Training Centre
217 PR28000063 New Tech Industrial Training centre
218 PR28000460 NIST Private ITI
219 PR28000324 Noble Industrail Training Centre
220 PR28000336 O.V.R.ITI
221 PR28000093 P.N.R.E.S Industrial Training Centre Kondapi
222 PR28000202 P.N.R.E.S. lTC
223 PR28000469 Padamavathi Private ITI, Betamcherla
224 PR28000064 Patti Industrial Training Centre
225 PR28000115 Platinum Vocational Training Centre
226 PR28000022 Potluri Venkatachalapathi Rao & Krupavathamma ITC
227 PR28000425 Power Tech. Private ITI
228 PR28000125 Pragati Industrial Training Centre
231 PR28000188 Prestige Industrial Training Centre
232 PR28000119 Priyadarsini Industrial Training Centre
233 PR28000036 PSC Bose memorial Automobile Private ITI
234 PR28000389 PSN ITC
235 PR28000380 Raghavendra ITC
236 PR28000396 Rahitya ITC
237 PR28000065 Rajaji Industrial Training Centre
238 PR28000350 Rajamma Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institut
239 PU28000432 Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandyal
240 PR28000340 Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Industrial Training Centre, Markapur
241 PR28000445 Ramabhadra Gayatri Private ITI
242 PR28000066 Ramakrishna Industrial Training Centre
243 PR28000027 Randhir Pataramamapet Industrial Training Centre
244 PR28000180 Ravindra Industrial Training Centre
245 PR28000228 Rayalaseema Industrial Training Centre
246 PU28000332 Rayalaseema Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandyal
247 PU28000254 Rayalaseema Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Ku
248 PR28000342 Repalle Christian Private ITI
249 PR28000067 Republic Industrial Training Centre
250 PR28000246 S.D. P.V.N. Private ITI,
251 PR28000457 S.V.S. Private ITI
252 PR28000029 Sai Krishana Industrial Training Centre
253 PR28000025 Sai Ram Industrial Training Centre
254 PR28000370 Sai Ratna ITC (Shifted)
255 PR28000451 Sai Sudhakara Pvt., ITI. Muramalla
256 PR28000307 Sai Sumalatha Industrial Training Centre
257 PU28000420 Sanjay Memorial Industrial Training Centre, Bapatla
258 PR28000104 Sankar Reddy Private ITI, Besthavaripeta
259 PR28000443 Sapthagiri Private ITI
260 PU28000423 Sarada Industrial Training Centre,Repalle
261 PR28000042 Sardar Patel Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Velgodu
262 PU28000427 Scholars Industrial Training Centre,Guntur
263 PU28000010 Seven Hills Private ITI, Vinukonda
264 PR28000124 SH. RAGHVENDRA Industrial Training Centre
265 PR28000479 Shabari Sai Private I T I
266 PR28000120 Shankari Industrial Training Centre
267 PR28000105 Sharda Private ITI, Giddalur
268 PR28000165 Shri Kandula Obula Reddy Charities Industrial Training Centre
269 PR28000195 Shri Narendra ITI, Chirala
270 PR28000044 Shri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Banaganapalli
271 PR28000265 Shri Raja Rajeswari Industrial Training Centre
272 PU28000160 Shri Vemana Industrial Training Centre
273 PR28000048 Shri Venkateswara pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Dhone
274 PR28000179 Siddhartha Industrial Training Centre
275 PR28000267 Siddhartha Industrial Training Centre
276 PR28000227 Siddhartha Industrial Traininig Centre
277 PU28000428 Siddhartha Industrial Triaining Centre,Tenali
278 PR28000272 Sidhardha Industrial Training Centre
279 PU28000250 Sir Vishveshvaria Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Nandyal
280 PR28000409 Siva ITC
281 PR28000344 Smt N.Venkata Ramanamma Memorial Industrial Training Institute
282 PR28000014 Smt Tiyyagaru Venkarin Industrial Training Centre
283 PR28000023 Smt. Eluri Kamalamma Industrial Training Centre
284 PR28000300 Smt. Sarojini Industrial Training Centre
285 PR28000467 Smt. Savitramma ITC
286 PR28000174 Sree Bhavani ITI
287 PR28000414 Sree Mani Prakash ITC
289 PR28000327 Sri Sai Balaji ITC
290 PR28000045 Sri Ankala Reddy Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Allagadda
291 PR28000289 Sri Annamacharya Industrial Training Centre
292 PU28000037 Sri B.R.K. Sastri Memorial Rural Industrial Training Centre
293 PR28000162 Sri Balaji Industrial Training Centre
294 PU28000433 Sri Balaji Industrial Training Centre,Vinukonda
295 PR28000349 Sri Balaji IndustrialTraining Centre
296 PR28000450 Sri Balaji Private ITI
297 PR28000470 Sri Balaji Private ITI, Gadivemula
298 PR28000438 Sri Bhimeshwara Private ITI
299 PR28000218 Sri Bhushan Industrial Training Centre
300 PR28000392 Sri Chaitanya ITC
301 PR28000175 Sri Chaithanya Industrial Traininig Centre
302 PR28000352 Sri Devi Memorial Industrial Training Centre
303 PR28000441 Sri Ganesh Pvt. ITI, Chilakapalam
304 PR28000113 Sri Gowtham Private ITI, Tripuranthakam
305 PR28000112 Sri K Bhahmanaidu Memorial Private ITI, Epurupalem
306 PR28000304 Sri Kota Durga Industrial Training Centre
307 PR28000292 Sri Krishna Devaraya Industrial Training Centre
308 PR28000099 Sri Krishna ITC, Darsi
309 PR28000097 Sri Krishna ITC, Yerragondapalem
310 PR28000401 Sri Lakshmana Reddy ITC
311 PR28000402 Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Private ITI
312 PR28000398 Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara ITC
313 PR28000095 Sri Lakshmi Vigneswara ITC, Yadavalli
314 PR28000437 Sri Lakshminarayana Private ITI
315 PR28000068 Sri Maharishi Industrial Training Centre
316 PU28000196 Sri Murali Krishna Industrial Training Centre
317 PR28000140 Sri Nallajerla Rama Rao. Memorial Private Private ITI
318 PR28000017 Sri Narasimha Industrial Training Centre
319 PR28000403 Sri Narasimha ITC
320 PR28000422 Sri Narayana Private ITI
321 PR28000491 Sri Narayana Private ITI
322 PR28000009 Sri Neelakanteshwar Pvt. Industial Training Insti
323 PR28000418 Sri Nivasa ITC
324 PR28000018 Sri Padmavathi Industrial Training Centre
326 PR28000424 Sri phydi private ITI
327 PR28000013 Sri Polaku Akkayya Memorial Industrial Training Centre
328 PR28000086 Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Industrial Training Centre, Medarametla
329 PR28000131 Sri Raghavendra Industrial Training Centre
330 PR28000031 Sri Raghavendra ITC
331 PR28000183 Sri Raja Rajeswari Industrial Training Centre
332 PR28000430 Sri Raja Rajeswari Pvt. Industial Training Instit
333 PR28000371 Sri Raja Venugopal Industrial Training Centre Narasannapeta
334 PR28000122 Sri Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Industrial Training Centre
335 PR28000069 Sri Ram industrial Training Centre
336 PR28000399 Sri Ram Industrial Training Centre
337 PU28000146 Sri Ram Industrial Training Centre,Amaravathi
338 PR28000163 Sri Rama Industrial Training Centre
339 PR28000219 Sri Rama Industrial Training Centre
340 PR28000322 Sri Rama Industrial Training Centre
341 PR28000278 Sri Ramaiah Industrial Training Centre
342 PR28000369 Sri Ramakrishna ITC, At. Chutapuram
343 PR28000376 Sri Ranganatha Private ITI
344 PR28000400 Sri Ranganatha Private ITI
345 PU28000156 Sri Sadguru Private ITI,Chikaluripet
346 PR28000005 Sri Sai Baba Industrial Training Centre, Addanki
347 PR28000098 Sri Sai Baba ITC, Yerragondapalem
348 PR28000141 Sri Sai Balaji Private ITI
349 PR28000377 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre
350 PR28000070 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre
351 PR28000220 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre
352 PR28000224 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre
353 PR28000087 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre, Podili
354 PR28000461 Sri Sai Kiran Private ITI
355 PR28000378 Sri Sai Pavan ITC
356 PR28000309 Sri Sai Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Munagalapadu
357 PR28000357 Sri Sai Ram Industrial Training Centre
358 PR28000435 Sri sai Srinivasa ITC
359 PR28000071 Sri Sai Venkateshwara Industrial Training Centre, Chennakottapally
360 PR28000072 Sri Sai Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre, G
361 PR28000397 Sri Sai Venkateswara ITC
362 PR28000073 SRI SAIRAM Industrial Training Centre
363 PR28000237 Sri Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Industrial Training Centre
364 PR28000279 Sri Sarvamangala Industrial Training Centre
365 PR28000074 Sri Sarvodaya Industrial Training Centre
366 PR28000184 Sri Sarvodaya Industrial Training Centre
367 PU28000252 Sri Sarvodaya Industrial Training Centre
368 PR28000439 Sri Sarvodaya Private ITI
369 PU28000047 Sri Sarvodaya Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Kurnool
370 PU28000216 Sri Satya Industrial Training Centre
371 PR28000442 Sri Satya Private ITI
372 PR28000117 Sri Seelam Nageswara Rao Memorial Industrial Training Centre
373 PR28000169 Sri Shirdi Saibaba Industrial Training Centre, Duggirala
374 PR28000318 Sri Shiridi Sai Baba Industrial Training Center
375 PR28000466 Sri Shiridisai Pvt.ITI, Tekkali
376 PR28000295 Sri Shiva Reddy Industrial Training Centre
377 PR28000164 Sri Siddhartha Industrial Training Centre
378 PR28000096 Sri Siva Narasimha ITC, Pamuru
379 PU28000482 Sri Siva Sai Private Iti
380 PR28000312 Sri Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre
381 PR28000436 Sri Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre
382 PR28000085 Sri Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre, Kandukur
383 PR28000365 Sri Srinivasa Private ITI
384 PR28000458 Sri Srinivasa Private ITI,
385 PR28000447 Sri Suryanarayana Private ITI
386 PU28000257 Sri Swathi Vasanthi Industrial Training Centre
387 PR28000277 Sri Uma Bharathi Industrial Training Centre
388 PR28000002 Sri Ummiti Sivaiah Industrial Training Centre, Vetapalem
389 PR28000081 Sri Valluri Panasa Ramanna Memorial ITI
390 PR28000452 Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Industrial Training Centre
391 PR28000089 Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parmeshwari Industrial Training Centre, Cumbum
392 PR28000143 Sri Venkata Rayudu Memorial Private ITI
393 PR28000075 Sri Venkata Sai Industrial Training Centre
394 PR28000076 Sri Venkata sai ITC
395 PR28000077 Sri Venkata Sai Private ITI
397 PR28000453 Sri Venkatachalapathi Industrial Training Centre
398 PR28000201 Sri Venkateshwara Industrial Training Centre
399 PR28000247 Sri Venkateshwra Industrial Training Centre, Velugonda
400 PR28000334 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Center
401 PR28000079 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
402 PR28000152 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
403 PR28000011 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
404 PR28000078 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
405 PR28000127 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
406 PR28000168 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
407 PR28000186 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
408 PR28000251 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
409 PR28000253 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
410 PR28000294 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
411 PR28000333 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
412 PR28000211 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre, Gidda
413 PR28000080 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre, Guntakal
414 PR28000084 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre, Ongole
415 PR28000170 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre,Kuchipudi
416 PR28000222 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Institute
417 PR28000226 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Institute
418 PR28000485 Sri Venkateswara Private Iti
419 PR28000049 Sri Venkateswara Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Pattikonda
420 PR28000231 Sri Venkateswara Rajamata Industrial Training Centre
421 PR28000258 Sri Venku Reddy Industrial Training Centre
422 PR28000444 Sri Vishnu Private ITI
423 PR28000006 Sri Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre, Giddal
424 PR28000240 Sri Y S Geroge Reddy Industrial Training Institute
425 PR28000134 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre
426 PR28000319 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre
427 PR28000347 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre
428 PR28000351 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre Hindupur
429 PU28000191 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre,Narasaraopet
430 PR28000229 Srinivasa Saila Industrial Training Centre
431 PR28000137 Srinivasa Saila Private ITI (Old Name-Sri Lakkshmi Memorial Pvt. ITI)
432 PU28000234 Srinivasa Vidya Parished Industrial Training Centre
433 PU28000161 St. Alloysis Industrial Training Centre
434 PR28000299 St. Ann s Industrial Training Centre
435 PR28000020 St. Joseph Industrial Training Centre
436 PR28000360 St. Josephs Industrial Training Centre
437 PR28000116 St. Xavier Industrial Training Centre
438 PR28000306 Sumalatha Industrial Training Centre
439 PR28000187 Surineni ITC
440 PR28000368 Surya Industrail Training Centre Erravaram
441 PR28000205 Surya Industrial Training Centre
442 PU28000331 T G L Thimmaiah Setty Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Adoni
443 PU28000192 T.S. Reddy Private ITI,Piduguralla
444 GR28000209 T.T.D.S Sri Venkateswara Training-cum-Production Centre P/H
445 PU28000193 Teacher Mastan Private ITI,sattenapalli
446 PU28000456 Technicians Private ITI
447 PU28000408 Techno-World ITC
448 PU28000426 Technosoft Solutions Private ITI
449 GR28000465 Terli Private ITI
450 PR28000214 The Ameen Industrial Training Centre
451 PR28000356 The Associated Technicians ITC
452 PR28000133 The Godavari ITC (Shifted From Ungoturu)
453 PR28000102 Tilak ITC, Chimakurthy
454 PR28000343 Tirumala Pvt. Industial Training Institute, Koilakuntla
455 PU28000245 Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Choudary Govt Industrial Training Centre, Gudavalli
456 PR28000417 Unique ITC, Kanigiri
457 PR28000100 Universal ITC, Yerragondapalem
458 PU28000232 Universal Private ITI,Chilakaluripet
459 PR28000310 Usha Kiran Industrial Training Centre
460 PR28000213 Varun Industrial Training Centre
461 PR28000108 Vemana Industrial Training Centre, Chinna Dornala
462 PR28000034 Venkatadri Choudary ITC
463 PR28000132 Venkatanarayana Memorial Industrial Traininig Centre
464 PR28000354 Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre
465 PR28000440 Victory Private ITI
466 PR28000321 Vidya Bharathi Industrial Training Centre
467 PR28000346 Vignan Industrial Training Centre
468 PR28000199 Vijay Bharti Industrial Training Centre
469 PR28000468 Vijay ITC
470 PR28000019 Vijaya Bharti Industrial Training Centre
471 PR28000259 Vijaya Industrial Training Centre For Women
472 PU28000038 Vijaya Instt. of Para Medical Science Pvt. Industial Training Institute, kurnool
473 PR28000033 Vijaya krishna ITC
474 PU28000486 Vijayasarada Private Iti
475 PR28000204 Vijayasri Industrial Training Centre
476 PR28000172 Vikram Industrial Training Centre
477 PU28000197 Visakha Industrial Training Centre
478 PR28000364 Vishwabharti Industrial Training Centre
479 PR28000411 Vision ITC
480 PR28000136 Vivekananda Industrail Training Centre Bhavana Palli Nidamarru Mandal
481 PR28000026 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre
482 PR28000167 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre
483 PR28000207 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre
484 PU28000242 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre,Kondamodu
485 PR28000057 Warlu Industrial Training Centre
486 PR28000249 Wesley Industrial Training Centre,
487 PR28000256 Wisdom ITC

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