In the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, the Directorate of Training manages the administrative affairs of the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). In the year 1950, the Directorate General of Training (DGT), which operates under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Union Government, introduced the Craftsmen Scheme. As per this initiative, around 50 ITIs commenced operations from the different regions of the country. Then, in the year 1956, the state governments were entrusted with the responsibility of managing the vocational training centers. In accordance with the norms laid down by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT), the training institutes conduct the varied programs.

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Over time, several Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) were set up across India as well; the ITCs are financed by private agencies. Presently, there are over 10,000 vocational training centers that are operational in the various states of India; these include Government-run and privately-managed ones. However, both the National Trade Certificates and Apprenticeship certificates that are awarded to the successful candidates by the ITIs and ITCs are valid and recognized; the candidates can seek employment on the basis of these certifications.

For those aspirants who are looking to get technical knowledge rather than continue with conventional studies, the ITIs and ITCs are a viable option for earning their livelihood.

Chhattisgarh NCVT and SCVT ITI Result 2024

The vocational training programs are run through 4 semesters. For each semester (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones), exams are conducted. To check their exam results, the students can browse the official website On the site, click on the ‘Results’ tab, following which the system will be directed to the page whereupon filling in the required fields, the results can be downloaded.

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You can, also, browse the site,, for the information related to the ITIs, including the exam results and other important updates.

Step 1 You are instructed to open the official website-
Step 2 Go to the result section.
Step 3 You must click on the link – CG ITI NCVT Result or CG ITI SCVT Result.
Step 4 Submit your credentials like your name, roll number, State, etc.
Step 5 After that your results will be shown and are ready to download and print.


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Chattisgarh ITI Important Details
Official Website
Name of the Board Directorate of TRAINING – CHHATTISGARH
Page Category ITI Result, ITC Result Merit List
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result July
Helpdesk Number
Chattisgarh NCVT ITI Details
Official Website
Name of the Board National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT)
Page Category NCVT Result, NCVT ITI Result, Merit list
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result 19 Feb 2022
Email ID
Helpdesk Number 0120 4405016/7/8

Chattisgarh SCVT ITI Result – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semester Result
Chattisgarh NCVT ITI Results 2024 – 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Semester

Chhattisgarh Colleges List

S.N. College Name Code City
1 Balaji ITC PR22000105 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
2 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Hathband, Distt-Baloda bazar GR22000026 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
3 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Kasdol, Distt-Baloda Bazar GR22000005 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
4 Industrial Training Institute Balodabazar, Distt-Balodabazar GR22000025 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
5 KAMLAKANT SHUKLA BHATAPARA PU22000150 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
6 VARTIKA PRIVATE ITI PR22000187 Baloda Bazar Bhatapa
7 Govt. ITI Wadrafnagar GR22000084 Balrampur
8 Govt. ITI, Rajpura GR22000071 Balrampur
9 Agrasen Jagdalpur PR22000154 Bastar
10 BHABHA PU22000151 Bastar
11 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bastar, Distt-Bastar GR22000164 Bastar
12 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Jagdalpur, Distt-Bastar GR22000163 Bastar
13 Govt. ITI kanker GR22000076 Bastar
14 NMDC Limited D.A.V ITC PR22000096 Bastar
15 Agashe Western Industrial Training Institute PR22000168 Bemetara
16 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Bemetra, Distt-Bemetra GR22000032 Bemetara
17 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Berla, Distt-Bemetra GR22000031 Bemetara
18 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Parpodi, Distt-Bemetra GR22000061 Bemetara
19 S.A. Private I.T.I. PU22000175 Bemetara
20 Samadhan Private Industrial Training Institute PR22000176 Bemetara
21 Srijan Private Industrial Training Institute,Bemetara PU22000179 Bemetara
22 Govt. ITI Bijapur GR22000120 Bijapur
23 Balaji Industrial Training Centre PR22000106 Bilaspur
24 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Gaurela,Distt-Bilaspur GR22000039 Bilaspur
25 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Marwahi, Distt-Bilaspur GR22000038 Bilaspur
26 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, Koni-Bilaspur, Distt-Bilaspur GR22000006 Bilaspur
27 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Koni-Bilaspur, Distt-Bilaspur GR22000159 Bilaspur
28 Govt. ITI Masturi GR22000088 Bilaspur
29 Govt. ITI, Bilha GR22000069 Bilaspur
30 Govt. ITI, Khamaria GR22000070 Bilaspur
31 Govt. ITI, Patharia GR22000066 Bilaspur
32 Govt. ITI, Takhatpur GR22000068 Bilaspur
33 JAY JAYA ITC KONI PR22000127 Bilaspur
34 Kshetriya Gramya Vikas I.T.C, Mungeli, Distt-Bilaspur PR22000118 Bilaspur
35 Mahamaya ITC PR22000078 Bilaspur
36 Mahamaya ITC PR22000101 Bilaspur
37 New Maharana Private Iti PU22000172 Bilaspur
38 Sakshi ITC PR22000099 Bilaspur
39 SANDIPANI MASTURI PR22000129 Bilaspur
40 SHRI Maharana PRATAP BILASPUR PR22000130 Bilaspur
41 Soni Industrial Training Centre PR22000020 Bilaspur
42 Swayam Prabha Private ITI PR22000107 Bilaspur
43 UDAAN ITC BILASPUR PR22000128 Bilaspur
44 DAV BHANSI PR22000152 Dakshin Bastar Dantewada
45 Govt. ITI Geedam GR22000123 Dakshin Bastar Dantewada
46 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Dhamtari, Distt-Dhamtari GR22000029 Dhamtari
47 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Kurud,Distt-Dhamtari GR22000030 Dhamtari
48 Agarsen ITC PR22000089 Durg
49 Agarsen ITC PR22000090 Durg
50 Agrasen Industrial Training Centre PR22000013 Durg
51 Apollo ITC, Antora Durg PR22000119 Durg
53 Arunodaya Industrial Training Centre PR22000012 Durg
54 Bharat Private Industrial Training Institute PU22000180 Durg
55 Bm Private Iti PR22000170 Durg
56 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Dondilohara, Distt-Balod GR22000052 Durg
57 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, Bhilai, Distt-Durg GU22000002 Durg
58 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Balod, Distt-Balod, GR22000007 Durg
59 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bhilai, Distt-Durg GU22000161 Durg
60 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Durg, Distt-Durg GU22000003 Durg
61 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Sanjari,Distt-Balod GR22000033 Durg
62 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Maro,Distt-bemetra GR22000034 Durg
63 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Suregaon, Distt-Balod, GR22000018 Durg
64 Happy Technical Institute ITC PR22000008 Durg
65 Mansa Industrial Training Centre PR22000010 Durg
66 Naveen Adarsh Industrial Traininig Centre PR22000015 Durg
67 PRISM PATAN PU22000138 Durg
68 Puri ITC PR22000095 Durg
69 Puri Technical Training Institute PR22000009 Durg
70 Rajendra Prasad Industrial Training Centre PR22000016 Durg
71 RAMAN PRIVATE ITI PU22000186 Durg
72 Sai Industrial Training Centre PR22000167 Durg
74 Sandipani Academy Private ITI PR22000109 Durg
76 Shri Sai Pvt. Iti PR22000177 Durg
78 SREYASH ITC DURG PU22000139 Durg
79 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre PR22000017 Durg
80 SriAgrasen Industrial Training Centre PU22000137 Durg
81 SRIJAN ITC BALOD PU22000141 Durg
82 Unnati ITC PR22000091 Durg
83 Agarsen Industrial Training Centre PR22000054 Janjgir – Champa
84 D.B. M. Private ITI PR22000112 Janjgir – Champa
85 GLOBAL ITC AKALTARA PR22000132 Janjgir – Champa
86 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Dabhra , Distt-Janjgir GR22000053 Janjgir – Champa
87 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Malkharoda, Distt-Janjgir GR22000048 Janjgir – Champa
88 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Saragaon, Distt-Janjgir GR22000047 Janjgir – Champa
89 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Shakti, Distt-Janjgir GR22000049 Janjgir – Champa
90 Govt. ITI Akaltara GR22000087 Janjgir – Champa
91 Govt. ITI, Kharod GR22000067 Janjgir – Champa
92 Jagrani Devi ITC PR22000097 Janjgir – Champa
93 Jagrani Devi ITC PR22000121 Janjgir – Champa
94 Jagrani Devi ITC PR22000122 Janjgir – Champa
95 Jagrani Devi Private ITI PR22000113 Janjgir – Champa
96 Laprosy Mission Chhattisharh V. Trg. ITC PR22000060 Janjgir – Champa
97 New Maharana AKALTARA PR22000131 Janjgir – Champa
98 Yash ITC PR22000077 Janjgir – Champa
99 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Pathalgaon, Distt-Jashpur GR22000050 Jashpur
100 Raja Vijay Bhushan Singh Dev Private ITI PR22000111 Jashpur
101 Govt Industrial Training Institute Kabirdhaam, Distt-Kabirdham GR22000166 Kabeerdham
102 KABIRDHAM ITC PU22000148 Kabeerdham
103 SAMRAT ASHOKA ITC KAWARDHA PU22000149 Kabeerdham
104 VRV DONGARGARH PR22000147 Kabeerdham
105 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Keshkal, GR22000165 Kondagaon
106 Govt ITI Vishrampur GR22000082 Kondagaon
107 Govt. ITI, Kondagoan GR22000072 Kondagaon
108 Agrasen Industrial Training Centre PR22000057 Korba
109 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Pali, Distt-Korba GR22000051 Korba
110 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women Korba, Distt-Korba GR22000001 Korba
111 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Korba, Distt-K GR22000160 Korba
112 JIFSA Private ITI PU22000184 Korba
113 New Maharana ITC PR22000104 Korba
114 New Maharana ITI Laluram colony TP Nagar Korba Distt- Korba PU22000181 Korba
115 Param Mitter Private ITI PR22000108 Korba
117 Agrasen ITC Chirmiri PR22000079 Koriya
118 Agrasen ITC Manendragarh PR22000075 Koriya
119 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Chirmiri, Distt-Koriya GR22000045 Koriya
120 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Katghodi, Distt-Koriya GR22000046 Koriya
121 Govt. ITI Manendragarh GR22000086 Koriya
122 Krishna ITC Manendragarh PR22000124 Koriya
123 New Maharana CHIRMIRI ITC PR22000094 Koriya
124 New Maharana Manendragarh ITC PR22000102 Koriya
125 Puri ITC PR22000158 Koriya
126 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Mahasamund GU22000004 Mahasamund
127 Govt.Mini ITI Basna, Distt-Mahasamund GR22000062 Mahasamund
128 K.N.S. Shrimal Industrial Training Centre PR22000059 Mahasamund
129 Pratibha (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute PR22000173 Mahasamund
130 SHIVA ITI PITHORA PR22000136 Mahasamund
131 Govt. ITI Mungeli GR22000092 Mungeli
132 Sonkar Pvt. Iti PU22000178 Mungeli
133 Govt Industrial Trg Instt. for Tribal Women, Narayanpur Distt-Bastar GR22000011 Narayanpur
134 RAMKRISHNA MISSION PR22000153 Narayanpur
135 Agrasen Industrial Training Centre,Raigarh PR22000058 Raigarh
136 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Dharamjaigarh, Distt-Raigarh GR22000042 Raigarh
137 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Kharsia, Distt-Raigarh GR22000041 Raigarh
138 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Sarangarh, Distt-Raigarh GR22000040 Raigarh
139 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Saria, Di GR22000043 Raigarh
140 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, Raigarh, Distt-Raigarh GR22000014 Raigarh
141 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Raigarh, Distt-Raigarh GR22000162 Raigarh
142 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Gharghoda, Distt-Raigarh GR22000064 Raigarh
143 Govt. ITI Pusaur GR22000126 Raigarh
144 Govt. ITI Tamnar GR22000081 Raigarh
145 Naveen Adarsh Private Iti PU22000171 Raigarh
146 OP JINDAL RAIGARH PU22000157 Raigarh
147 A.T. College of Electronics ITC PR22000098 Raipur
148 Agarsen ITC PR22000074 Raipur
149 Agashe Industrial Training Centre PR22000056 Raipur
150 Ansh Private Iti PU22000169 Raipur
151 Goverment Industrial Training Institute (Women), Raipur, Distt-Raipur GU22000022 Raipur
152 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Mainpur, Distt-Gariyaband GR22000027 Raipur
153 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Nagari-Sihava, Distt-Dhamtari GR22000028 Raipur
154 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Raipur, Distt-Raipur GU22000021 Raipur
155 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Aarang, Distt-Raipur GR22000023 Raipur
156 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Gariyaband, Distt-Gariyaband GR22000024 Raipur
157 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Mana, Distt-Raipur GU22000065 Raipur
158 Govt. ITI Tilda Neora GR22000083 Raipur
159 GRACIOUS ABHANPUR PR22000134 Raipur
160 Gyansagar Industrial Training Centre PR22000055 Raipur
161 Institute of Technology & Science Private ITI, PR22000110 Raipur
163 Pt. Ramsakha Upadhyay Iti PU22000174 Raipur
164 Shri Rawatpura Sarkar ITC PR22000100 Raipur
165 SRI ONKAR ITC RAIPUR PU22000135 Raipur
166 Gayathri Technical Training Centre PR22000146 Rajnandgaon
167 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Dongargadh, Distt-Rajnandgaon GR22000037 Rajnandgaon
168 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Mohla, Distt-Rajnandgoan GR22000035 Rajnandgaon
169 Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Rajnandgaon, GU22000036 Rajnandgaon
170 KAMLA DONGARGAON PR22000145 Rajnandgaon
171 SRI BALAJI ITC RAJNANDGAON PU22000144 Rajnandgaon
173 Govt. ITI, Sukma GR22000073 Sukma
174 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Pratappur, Distt-Surajpur GR22000044 Surajpur
175 Govt. ITI Premnagar GR22000085 Surajpur
176 Ambika ITC PR22000103 Surguja
177 Goverment Industrial Training Institute, Ambikapur, Distt-Surguja GR22000019 Surguja
178 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for women, Ambikapur, Distt-Surguja GU22000063 Surguja
179 Govt. ITI Surajpur GR22000080 Surguja
180 New Maharana Ambikapur ITC PR22000093 Surguja
181 Prerna ITC Ambikapur PR22000125 Surguja
182 Agrasen Kanker PR22000155 Uttar Bastar Kanker
183 Govt. ITI Antagarh GR22000115 Uttar Bastar Kanker
184 Govt. ITI Bhanupratappur GR22000117 Uttar Bastar Kanker
185 Govt. ITI Pankhajur GR22000116 Uttar Bastar Kanker
186 Govt. ITI Women Kanker GR22000114 Uttar Bastar Kanker

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