Telangana ITI Result 2024

In the Indian state of Telangana, the Directorate of Employment & Training, the Department of Employment & Training, the Government of Telangana, supervises the administrative functions of the skill training centers. At the Central level, the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) is the Government of India’s advisory body for vocational training across all Indian states.

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The Union Government of India introduced the Craftsmen Scheme in the year 1950 for the purpose of providing theoretical and practical experience in various engineering and non-engineering trades. After completing the trade programs, the individuals are competent to gain employment in the chosen trades and become financially independent. More importantly, there is availability of skilled labor that helps in the development of industries and the country as well.

As per the NCVT’s eligibility norms of the respective trade courses, the aspirants must apply for the trade courses. If shortlisted, they have to appear for the entrance exams; and if successful they are admitted in the vocational training centers. Also, they have the option of enrolling in Apprenticeship training schemes to hone their skills in the respective trades.

Telangana NCVT ITI

The trade programs are held in 4 semesters across India. The students can download their examination results for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters by visiting NCVT’s official website, Further, for more information on the vocational trades in Telangana, they can visit the state’s official site,


You can, also, browse through the site,, to access an exhaustive database of the vocational trade courses, relating to all Indian states.

Telangana ITI Important Details
Official Website
Name of the Board Department of Employment and Training, Telangana
Page Category Result, Admit Card, Merit List
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result
Email ID
Helpdesk Number +91 79979 73364


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Telangana NCVT ITI Details
Official Website
Name of the Board National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT)
Page Category NCVT Result, NCVT ITI Result, Merit list
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Result Date
Email ID
Helpdesk Number 0120 4405016/7/8

Telangana ITI Result – All Semester Result
NCVT ITI Result – 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Semester

Telangana ITI Colleges List

S.N. College Name Code City
1 Adilabad Private ITI Dasnapur PR36000005 Adilabad
2 Albert Industrial Training Centre PR36000138 Adilabad
3 Dimpy I TC PR36000031 Adilabad
4 Govt Industrial Training Institute GR36000019 Adilabad
5 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women GR36000160 Adilabad
6 Govt. ITI GR36000195 Adilabad
7 Govt. ITI GR36000197 Adilabad
8 Govt. ITI, Srirampur, GR36000196 Adilabad
9 Govt. Residential Industrial Training Institute for Tribals GR36000044 Adilabad
10 Lewies Industrial Training Centre PR36000144 Adilabad
11 Prabha School & Nursing ITC PR36000243 Adilabad
12 Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Centre PR36000067 Adilabad
13 Saraswathi Pvt Iti PR36000269 Adilabad
14 Shakti Industrial Training Centre PR36000058 Adilabad
15 Shiva Joythi ITC PR36000194 Adilabad
16 Sri Sai Private ITI PR36000215 Adilabad
17 St. Josephs TI Industrial Training Centre PR36000174 Adilabad
18 St. Louis Industrial Training Centre PR36000145 Adilabad
19 Anjumans Omar Technical Training Centre PU36000054 Hyderabad
20 Annapoorna Industrial Training Centre PU36000048 Hyderabad
21 Boys Town Industrial Training Centre PU36000022 Hyderabad
22 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000021 Hyderabad
23 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000037 Hyderabad
24 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Mallepally GU36000018 Hyderabad
25 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Musheerabad GU36000013 Hyderabad
27 Govt. ITI, Shanthinagar, Hyderabad GU36000023 Hyderabad
28 Govt. QQSITI for Girls, Santoshnagar, Hyderabad GU36000003 Hyderabad
29 HEH The Nizam Alladin Technical Centre Industrial Training Centre PU36000007 Hyderabad
30 Hyderabad Technical College ITC PU36000041 Hyderabad
31 Jafferia Technical Institiute Industrial Training Centre PU36000027 Hyderabad
32 Manorama Industrial Training Centre PU36000068 Hyderabad
33 Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Industrial Training Institute Gachibowli, Hyderabad PU36000009 Hyderabad
34 Millat Industrial Training Centre PU36000089 Hyderabad
35 National Institiue of craft & Technology Industrial Training Centre PU36000025 Hyderabad
36 Sai Krupa Industrial Training Centre PU36000066 Hyderabad
37 Sri Ramachandra Industrial Training Centre PU36000135 Hyderabad
38 Training Centre for the Adult Deaf Govt. Industrial Training Institute PU36000186 Hyderabad
39 ALBERT Industrial Training Centre PU36000141 Karimnagar
40 DIVYA JYOTHI PRIVATE ITI PU36000496 Karimnagar
41 G.S.R. Industrial Training Centre, Jammikunta PR36000108 Karimnagar
42 Gaargi Iti PU28000478 Karimnagar
43 Gouthami Industrial Training Centre PR36000106 Karimnagar
44 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000012 Karimnagar
45 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls GR36000137 Karimnagar
46 Govt. ITI, Jagityal GR36000213 Karimnagar
47 Govt. ITI, Kataram GR36000191 Karimnagar
48 Govt. ITI, Ramagundam GR36000210 Karimnagar
49 Kakatheeya ITI PU36000146 Karimnagar
50 Lant Memorial Industrial Training Centre PU36000034 Karimnagar
51 Laxmi ITC PR36000212 Karimnagar
52 Marcos Industrial Training Centre PU36000142 Karimnagar
53 Sadhu Venkatreddy Pvt.ITI PR36000259 Karimnagar
54 Sai Industrial Training Centre PR36000105 Karimnagar
55 Santosh College of Nursing ITC PU36000228 Karimnagar
56 Shiva Sai Private ITI PU36000235 Karimnagar
57 Shivashakti Industrial Training Centre PU36000088 Karimnagar
58 Sindura I T C (Old Name St Mary) PU36000094 Karimnagar
59 Sri Rama Industrial Training Centre PU36000092 Karimnagar
60 Sri Saradhi Iti PU36000271 Karimnagar
61 Surya Private ITI PU36000240 Karimnagar
62 Tejaswi Private ITI, Husnabad PR36000258 Karimnagar
63 Vasavi Industrial Training Institute PU36000104 Karimnagar
64 Vivekavardhini Industrial Training Centre PR36000152 Karimnagar
65 Al-Sana Industrial Training Centre PU36000081 Khammam
66 Aware Industrial Training Centre (RVTC) PR36000033 Khammam
67 Bhadragiri ITC V.M. Banjar, PR36000222 Khammam
68 Dr. Ambedkar Minority IndustrialTraining Centre PR36000099 Khammam
69 Gautam Buddha Minority Industrial Training Centre PU36000130 Khammam
70 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Kothagudem GR36000010 Khammam
71 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute, Kr GR36000055 Khammam
72 Govt. Industrial Taining Institute for Girls GR36000136 Khammam
73 Govt. ITI, Manuguru GR36000206 Khammam
74 Govt. ITI, Wazeedu GR36000207 Khammam
75 Haritha Econogical Industrial Training Centre PR36000085 Khammam
76 K.R.L Private Industrial Training Institute, Vepalgadda, Khammam. GR36000185 Khammam
77 Kranthi Industrial Training Centre PR36000097 Khammam
78 Mount Carmel Boys Town Industrial Training Institute, Paloncha PR36000057 Khammam
79 National Institute of Engineering Technology PR36000029 Khammam
80 Pavan ITC., Sarapaka PR36000187 Khammam
81 Pragathi ITC., Garla PR36000180 Khammam
82 Ravi Industrial Training Centre PR36000082 Khammam
83 Rehana Memorial Industrial Training Centre PU36000095 Khammam
84 S E S Nagendra Industrial Training Centre PR36000098 Khammam
85 Smt. Indira Gandhi Memorial Industrial Training Centre PU36000084 Khammam
86 Sree Rama Private ITI PR36000181 Khammam
87 Sri Bhagya Lakshmi Industrial Training Centre, Bhadrachalam PR36000032 Khammam
88 Sri Jalagam Vengal Rao Industrial Training Centre PR36000096 Khammam
89 Sri Rambhadra Industrial Training Centre Burgampahad Road PR36000190 Khammam
90 Sri Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre PR36000045 Khammam
91 Surya Industrial Training Centre, kothagudem PR36000028 Khammam
92 U-Like Industrail Trainign Centre Suryapet Mandal PU36000204 Khammam
93 Vani Industrial Training Institute Centre, Khammam PU36000043 Khammam
94 Veerabhadhra ITC, paloncha PR36000223 Khammam
95 Viveka Industrial Training Centre PR36000080 Khammam
96 Badam Venkataiah Industrial Training Centre PR36000062 Mahbubnagar
97 Comp-Tech Industrial Training Centre PR36000126 Mahbubnagar
98 Doulphin Industrial Training Centre PR36000262 Mahbubnagar
99 Fathima Industrial Training Centre PR36000268 Mahbubnagar
100 Fatima Industrial Training Centre PR36000149 Mahbubnagar
101 Govt ITI GR36000198 Mahbubnagar
102 Govt District Level Training Centre / ITI GR36000014 Mahbubnagar
103 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls GR36000069 Mahbubnagar
104 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute for Girls GR36000051 Mahbubnagar
105 Govt Residentiial Industrial Training Institute GR36000052 Mahbubnagar
106 Govt. Industrial Training Institute GR36000147 Mahbubnagar
107 Husnabad Industrial Training Centre PR36000171 Mahbubnagar
108 Jahangir Peeran Industrial Training Centre PR36000026 Mahbubnagar
109 Jupiter Private ITI PR36000249 Mahbubnagar
110 Jyothi Memorial Private ITI PR36000239 Mahbubnagar
111 Kaveri Industrial Training Center PR36000216 Mahbubnagar
112 Krishi Industrial Training Centre Shanti Nagar Waddepally PR36000199 Mahbubnagar
113 Krishnaveni Industrail Training Institute PR36000168 Mahbubnagar
114 Mother Theresa ITC (Shifted from RR) PR36000192 Mahbubnagar
115 Nandi Industrial Training Centre PR36000179 Mahbubnagar
116 National Industrial Training Centre PR36000049 Mahbubnagar
117 Noble Industrial Training Institute PR36000260 Mahbubnagar
118 Palamoor Private ITI PR36000250 Mahbubnagar
119 Patnam Rajender Reddy Memorial ITC PR36000217 Mahbubnagar
120 Pragathi Industrail Training Centre Chityala Road PR36000182 Mahbubnagar
121 Priyadarshini Industrail Training Centre Nandillamalla (Vill) Athmakur Mand PR36000183 Mahbubnagar
122 Rural Industrial Training Centre PR36000161 Mahbubnagar
123 Sarada Industrial Training Centre PR36000166 Mahbubnagar
124 Shiva Shankar Memorial Private ITI PR36000244 Mahbubnagar
125 Sri Balaji Private ITI PR36000236 Mahbubnagar
126 Sri Raghavendra Industrial Training Centre PR36000040 Mahbubnagar
127 Sri Raja Rajeswari Industrial Training Institute PR36000188 Mahbubnagar
128 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre PR36000086 Mahbubnagar
129 Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre PR36000061 Mahbubnagar
130 Tirumala Industrial Training Centre PR36000064 Mahbubnagar
131 Vlrm Private I.T.I PR28000487 Mahbubnagar
132 Andole Private Industrial Training Institute PR36000257 Medak
133 B R Y M Private I T I PR28000474 Medak
134 Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Industrial Training Institute PR36000073 Medak
135 Govt Industrial Training Institute GR36000050 Medak
136 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000011 Medak
137 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute GR36000065 Medak
138 Govt. ITI GU36000214 Medak
139 Govt. ITI, Kukunoorpally GR36000167 Medak
140 Govt. ITI, Siddipet GR36000224 Medak
141 Indo-British Private ITI PR36000248 Medak
142 Joginath Private ITI PR36000241 Medak
143 Manjeera Industrial Training Centre PR36000157 Medak
144 Medak Industrial Training Centre PU36000077 Medak
145 Saraswathi MPHW (F) Trg. School PU36000220 Medak
146 Shri Krishna Devaraya Private ITI PR36000163 Medak
147 Sigma Private Iti PU28000480 Medak
148 Sreevani Pvt ITI PR36000265 Medak
149 Sri Balalji Industrial Training Centre, Zaheerabad PR36000155 Medak
150 Sri Krishna Dewaraya Industrial Training Centre PU36000117 Medak
151 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre PU36000101 Medak
152 Sri Sai Industrial Training Centre PU36000123 Medak
153 Sri Thirumala Private Iti PR28000484 Medak
154 Sri venkateshwara Industrial Training Centre PU36000165 Medak
155 Srinivasa ITC PR36000218 Medak
156 SSR Private ITI PR36000232 Medak
157 St. Anthony s Industrial Training Centre, Patancheruvu PU36000109 Medak
158 Technocrats Industrail Training Centre PR36000177 Medak
159 Veda Private Iti PR36000272 Medak
160 VEERABHADRA Private ITI PR36000493 Medak
161 Venkat Sai ITC PR36000219 Medak
162 Venkata Ramana Industrial Training Cetre PU36000134 Medak
164 Vivekananda ITC PR36000063 Medak
165 Aditya Industrial Training Centre PR36000124 Nalgonda
166 Dawn Private Industrial Training Institute PR28000476 Nalgonda
167 Govt Industrial Training Institute (B) GR36000015 Nalgonda
168 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls GR36000053 Nalgonda
169 Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bhongir GR36000016 Nalgonda
170 Govt Residential Industrial Training Institute, Dindi GR36000035 Nalgonda
171 Govt. ITI GR36000208 Nalgonda
172 Govt. ITI, Anumula GR36000205 Nalgonda
173 Jawaharlal Nehru Industrial Training Centre PR36000100 Nalgonda
174 Krushi Industrial Training Centre, Bhongir PR36000060 Nalgonda
175 Marconi Industrial Training Centre PR36000075 Nalgonda
176 Naveen Industrial Training Centre PR36000047 Nalgonda
177 Priyadarshini Industrial Training Centre PR36000107 Nalgonda
178 Ravinranath Tagore Private ITI PR36000251 Nalgonda
179 Sanjeevani Industrial Training Centre PR36000172 Nalgonda
180 Saradhi Residential Industrial Training Centre PR36000178 Nalgonda
181 SATYA Industrial Training Centre PR36000148 Nalgonda
182 Shanmukha Industrial Training Centre PR36000093 Nalgonda
183 Shiva Sai Private ITI PR36000252 Nalgonda
184 Shri Nagendra, Industrial Training Centre PR36000046 Nalgonda
185 Siddartha Industrial Training Centre PR36000131 Nalgonda
186 SIDDHARTHA PRIVATE ITI PR36000495 Nalgonda
187 Siva Shivani Private ITI PR36000233 Nalgonda
188 Sri Sarada Industrial Training Institute PR36000074 Nalgonda
189 SRI VIGNAN ITI PU36000489 Nalgonda
190 St. Josephs Industrial Training Centre PR36000125 Nalgonda
191 ST.GEORGE ITI PR36000491 Nalgonda
192 Vijgnana Vardhini Industrial Training Centre PR36000112 Nalgonda
193 Vikas ITC PR36000201 Nalgonda
194 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre PR36000162 Nalgonda
195 Aditya Industrial Training Centre PR36000158 Nizamabad
196 Engineers Educational Society Industrial Training Centre PR36000159 Nizamabad
197 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000006 Nizamabad
198 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Girls GU36000070 Nizamabad
199 Govt. Industrial Training Insittute for Minorities GR36000156 Nizamabad
200 Govt. ITI, Bheemgal GR36000203 Nizamabad
201 Govt. ITI, Kammarpally GR36000202 Nizamabad
202 Indur ITI PR36000036 Nizamabad
203 Saraswati MPHW (F) Teg. School PR36000229 Nizamabad
204 Satya ITC PR36000238 Nizamabad
205 Shravani Private ITI PR36000230 Nizamabad
206 Sri Balaji Private ITI PR36000255 Nizamabad
207 Sri Venkateswara Industrial Training Centre PR36000076 Nizamabad
208 Vinay ITC Shifted From (Rakasipet Bedhan) PU36000231 Nizamabad
209 Vishwa Bharathi Industrial Training Centre PR36000079 Nizamabad
210 Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre PR36000078 Nizamabad
211 ANR(Anatula Narayan Reddy) Private ITI PR36000245 Rangareddy
212 Ashlesha Iti PU28000473 Rangareddy
213 Bharat Industrial Training Centre PU36000072 Rangareddy
214 Dr. Ambedkar Centenary Private Industrial Training Institute. Shrarlingampally.Ranga Reddy Dist. PU36000118 Rangareddy
215 Expertec Industrial Training Centre, Gouthpur PR36000153 Rangareddy
216 G.V.L. Memorial Private ITI(Shifting from Hyderabad) PU36000227 Rangareddy
217 Govt District Level Training Centre / ITI GR36000038 Rangareddy
218 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000024 Rangareddy
219 Govt. Industrial Training Institute GU36000122 Rangareddy
220 Hyderabad Industrail Training Centre Ragannagudem (V) PR36000184 Rangareddy
221 Hyderabad Industrial Training Centre PU36000111 Rangareddy
222 Kakatheeya ITC (Shifted from Karim Nagar) PU36000143 Rangareddy
223 Kiran Industrial Training Centre PU36000090 Rangareddy
224 Nagarjuna Industrial Training Centre PU36000083 Rangareddy
225 Nagarjuna Industrial Training Centre PU36000140 Rangareddy
226 P.N.R. Memorial Industrial Training Centre PU36000127 Rangareddy
227 Padmavathi Private ITI PR36000246 Rangareddy
228 Pallavi Industrial Training Centre PR36000139 Rangareddy
229 Riddhi Private ITI PU36000234 Rangareddy
230 Rock Church Industrial Training Centre PU36000110 Rangareddy
231 Royal Industrial Trainiing Centre PU36000154 Rangareddy
232 SAI SHIVANI PRIVATE ITI PR36000488 Rangareddy
233 Sarada Private Industrial Training Institute, Balapur, Saroonager, Ranga Reddy Dist. PU36000059 Rangareddy
234 Sarada Industrial Training Centre for Minority PU36000113 Rangareddy
235 Satya Sri Industrial Training Centre PU36000103 Rangareddy
236 SIDDHARTHA PRIVATE ITI PR36000494 Rangareddy
237 Sidhartha Industrial Training Centre PU36000091 Rangareddy
238 Sri Aurobindo Private ITI, saroornagar PU36000128 Rangareddy
239 Sri Bhagawati Institute of Technology ITC PU36000116 Rangareddy
240 Sri Lalitha Industrial Training Centre PU36000114 Rangareddy
241 Sri Venkateshwara Industrial Training Centre PU36000132 Rangareddy
242 Sri Vijay Sai Industrial Training Centre, Annaram PU36000133 Rangareddy
243 St. Francis Xaviers Industrial Training Centre PU36000115 Rangareddy
244 Trinity Private ITI PR36000247 Rangareddy
245 Vivekananda Private ITI, Moulali PU36000042 Rangareddy
246 Word and Deed ITC PR36000169 Rangareddy
247 Aditya Industrial Training Centre PR36000164 Warangal
248 ASCEND PRIVATE ITI PU36000490 Warangal
249 Balaji ITC PR36000237 Warangal
250 Ekashila Industrial Training Centre, Janagaon PR36000039 Warangal
251 Fatima Industrial Training Centre PU36000020 Warangal
252 Gawtham ITC (Shifting From Dist Krishna) PU36000189 Warangal
253 Govt DLTC/ITI, Kazipet GU36000017 Warangal
254 Govt Industrial Training Institute GU36000008 Warangal
255 Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Girls GU36000004 Warangal
256 Govt. ITI, Mahabubabad GR36000211 Warangal
257 Govt. Residential Industrial Training Institute for Tribals, Eturnagaram GR36000102 Warangal
258 Hazrath Industrial Training Centre PU36000001 Warangal
259 Indira Pvt ITI Kesamudram PR36000261 Warangal
260 Laurel Industrial Training Centre, Hanamkonda PU36000030 Warangal
261 Margadarshi ITC PR36000225 Warangal
262 Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Industrial Training Centre PU36000129 Warangal
263 Sai Surya Teja Private ITI, PR36000256 Warangal
264 Samatha Industrial Training Centre PR36000151 Warangal
265 Shivasai Pvt ITI Bheemaram PU36000267 Warangal
266 Siddartha Private ITI PR36000253 Warangal
267 SR Pvt ITI Jangoan Warangal PR36000263 Warangal
268 Sri Sai Adithya Private Iti PR28000481 Warangal
269 Sri Sai Teja Private ITI PR36000242 Warangal
270 Sri Sathya Sai Industrial Training Centre PR36000173 Warangal
271 Sri Someshwar Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Private Iti PR28000483 Warangal
272 Srinivasa Industrail Training Centre Vellampally Road PR36000176 Warangal
273 St. Josephs IndustrialTraining Institute for Women PU36000071 Warangal
274 Subhodaya Industrial training Centre PR36000150 Warangal
275 Suhana Industrial Training Centre PU36000120 Warangal
276 Thirumala ITC PR36000226 Warangal
277 Veerabadra Pvt ITI Kesamudram PU36000266 Warangal
278 Venus Industrial Training Centre, Dankal PU36000002 Warangal
279 Victor Industrial Training Centre PU36000087 Warangal
280 Vidhyarthi Industrial Training Centre PU36000121 Warangal
281 Vignan Pvt ITI Paidipally PU36000264 Warangal
282 Vijetha Industrial Training Centre PR36000170 Warangal
283 Vikas ITC PR36000221 Warangal
284 Vincent Industrial Training Centre PU36000119 Warangal
285 VNR Private ITI PR36000254 Warangal
286 Wilfred ITC PR36000200 Warangal

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