Uttarakhand ITI Result 2024

To oversee all matters related to vocational education in India’s Uttarakhand state, the Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education was set up during the years 2003- 04. Both, the government-run Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and the Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) conduct trade programs; and the Board governs the administrative affairs of the institutions. Through, the National Council of Vocational Education (NCVT) has the responsibility of framing the policies of the vocational trade programs across India.

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A considerable percentage of India’s youth population display interest in vocational education rather than school studies. To serve their interests, the state governments of the various Indian states, including Uttarakhand, took steps to constitute vocational training centers.

There is a variety of engineering and non-engineering trades for the aspirants to choose from. Moreover, on a regular basis, new courses are being introduced. Also, the course curriculum is updated regularly to provide current industry-relevant programs for serving the skilled manpower requirements of industries. In turn, the job-seekers can earn their living. Also, the country’s unemployment rate goes down with more candidates gaining employment in the respective trades.

Both theoretical and practical experience are part of the vocational trade courses. Consequently, the students are better equipped to meet the challenges of workplaces.

Uttarakhand NCVT ITI

For the exam results of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters of the trade courses in the Uttarakhand state, NCVT’s official site, https://ncvtmis.gov.in/Pages/Home.aspx, should be visited.


For additional information on the vocational training institutes for the Uttarakhand state and the rest of the Indian states, the candidates can browse through the site, https://ncvtmis.gov.in/Pages/Home.aspx, as well.

Official Website https://ukiti.nic.in/
Name of the Board Vayavsayik Parikasha Parishad(ITI) – Uttrakhand
Page Category Result, Admit Card, Merit List
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
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Uttarakhand ITI Result 2024
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NCVT ITI Details
Official Website ncvtmis.gov.in
Name of the Board National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT)
Page Category NCVT Result, NCVT ITI Result, Merit list
Examination Name Industrial Training Insitute (ITI)
Release of result
Email ID ncvtmis-msde@gov.in
Helpdesk Number 0120 4405016/7/8

Uttarakhand ITI Result – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semester Result

NCVT ITI Results 2024 – 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Semester

Uttarakhand ITI Colleges List

S.N. College Name District Name
1 Govt ITI Almora Almora
2 Govt ITI Brightend Corner Almora Almora
3 Govt ITI Danya Almora
4 Govt ITI, Jayanti Almora
5 Govt ITI Bageshwar (Samaj Kalyan) Bageshwar
6 Govt ITI Kanda Bageshwar
7 Ferromet Private Iti Chamoli
8 Govt ITI Dewal Chamoli
9 Govt ITI Gairsain Chamoli
10 Govt ITI Gopeshwar Chamoli
11 Govt ITI Tapovan Chamoli
12 Govt. ITI Karanprayag Chamoli
13 Govt ITI Champawat Champawat
14 Govt ITI Khetikhan Champawat
15 Govt ITI Tanakpur Champawat
16 A.C.M.T. Private ITI Rishikesh Dehradun
17 Abhilasha Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
18 CCS Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
19 Dehradun Public Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
20 Doon Public Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
21 Doon Valley Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
22 Government ITI, Chakrata (Schduled Tribe) Dehradun
23 Govt ITI Boy’s Dehradun Dehradun
24 Govt ITI Doiwala Dehradun
25 Govt ITI Kalsi Dehradun
26 Govt ITI Mussoorie Dehradun
27 Govt ITI RajpurRoad Gujrara Dehradun
28 Govt ITI Vikasnagar Dehradun
29 Govt ITI Women Dehradun Dehradun
30 Interactive Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
31 Jonshar Public Pvt Iti Dehradun
32 Jvc Private Iti Dehradun
33 Manav Pvt Iti Dehradun
34 National Institute of Physically Handicapt Pvt. ITI Dehradun Dehradun
35 New Taj Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
36 Priyadarshini Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
37 Rampur Public Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
38 Rashtriya Chetana Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
39 shivalik private ITI Dehradun
40 Shri Krishna Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
41 Tibetans SOS Private ITI Dehradun Dehradun
42 Vikasnagar Private ITI Dehradun
44 Chandraprabha Private I.T.I SATTICHAUR Garhwal
45 Govt ITI Dugadda Garhwal
46 Govt ITI Jaiharikhal Garhwal
47 Govt ITI Lowar Bazar Srinagar Garhwal
48 Govt ITI Pokhra Garhwal
49 Govt ITI Saldmahadev Garhwal
50 Govt ITI Srinagar Garhwal
51 Govt ITI Thailisain Garhwal
52 Himalayan Private ITI Pauri Garhwal
53 Mansa Ram Private ITI Kaleshwari Pauri Garhwal
54 Swami Ram Private ITI Pauri Garhwal
55 Arihant Private Iti Hardwar
56 Ashirwad Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
57 Bangal Shapers Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
58 Bharti Private ITI Pirankaliyar Hardwar
59 Bishamber Sahai Private ITI Roorkee Hardwar
60 Brd Pvt Iti Hardwar
61 College of Advanced Technology Private ITI Hardwar
62 Crreed Private Iti Hardwar
63 Govt ITI Haridwar Hardwar
64 Govt ITI Peerankaliyar Hardwar
65 Gyan Deep Private ITC Sarkari Taharpur, Rurkee, Hardwar
66 Gyan Jyoti Private ITI Hardwar
67 Hannu Pvt Iti Hardwar
68 Haridwar Private ITC Hetampur road, Haridwar Hardwar
69 Harsidhi Mahakaal Private ITI, Haridwar Hardwar
70 ITI DELNA Hardwar
71 Jai Bharat Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
72 Krishna Pvt ITI Hardwar
73 Mahadev Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
74 Maharani Luxmibai Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
75 Maharishi Dayanand Private ITC Dhanauri Haridwar Hardwar
76 Mangalam Private ITI Bhagwanpur Hardwar
77 Nand Private ITC, Shyampur Haridwar Hardwar
78 National Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
79 Naveen Private ITI, Haridwar Hardwar
80 Nirmal Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
81 Om Santosh Paramedical Pvt Iti Hardwar
82 QAWRMP Private ITI, Haridwar Hardwar
83 Radha Govind Private ITC, Salempur Rurkee Hardwar
84 RAMLESH Private ITI Hardwar
85 Ranipur Private ITI, Haridwar Hardwar
86 Roorkee Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
87 S.M. Collage of Technology, By Pas road Sitarganj Hardwar
88 Saini Private ITI, Haridwar Hardwar
89 SAKET Private ITI Bhogpur Hardwar
90 Savitri Private Iti Hardwar
91 Sbn Pvt Iti Hardwar
92 Shri Hari Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
94 Sita Ram Private ITC, vill- sunhara Rurkee, Haridw Hardwar
95 Subharti Private ITI Pirankaliyar Hardwar
96 Sultanpur Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
97 Ujjwal Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
98 Vivekanand Mission Private ITI Haridwar Hardwar
99 Yash Paramedical private, ITI Sikandarpur Rurkee, Hardwar
100 Capt. P.D. Mishra Private ITI, Ramnagar Nainital
101 CEPA Private ITI, Halduchaur Nainital
102 Dayal Private ITI, Kamaluaganja Nainital
103 Govt ITI Betalghat Nainital
104 Govt ITI Bhowali Nainital
105 Govt ITI Boy’s Haldwani Nainital
106 Govt ITI Maldhanchour (Samaj Kalyan) Nainital
107 Govt ITI Okhalkanda Nainital
108 Govt ITI Pines Nainital (Samaj Kalyan) Nainital
109 Govt ITI Ramnagar Nainital
110 Govt ITI Tandi Nainital
111 Govt ITI Women Haldwani Nainital
112 JOB Private ITI, Haldwani Nainital
114 Sarvodaya Private ITI, Lamachaur Nainital
115 Uttarakhand Private ITI, Ramnagar Nainital
116 Govt ITI Askote Pithoragarh
117 Govt ITI Dharchula Pithoragarh
118 Govt ITI Gangolihat Pithoragarh
119 Govt ITI Pithoragarh Pithoragarh
120 Govt ITI Rudraprayag Rudraprayag
121 Govt ITI Ukhimath Rudraprayag
122 Govt ITI Anjanisain Tehri Garhwal
123 Govt ITI Baurari Tehri Garhwal
124 Govt ITI Chamba Tehri Garhwal
125 Govt ITI Chamiyala Tehri Garhwal
126 Govt ITI Devprayag Tehri Garhwal
127 Govt ITI Munikireti Tehri Garhwal
128 Govt ITI New Tehri Tehri Garhwal
129 Govt ITI Raurdhar Tehri Garhwal
130 Govt ITI Boy’s Kashipur Udham Singh Nagar
131 Govt ITI Dineshpur Udham Singh Nagar
132 Govt ITI Gadarpur Udham Singh Nagar
133 Govt ITI Gularbhoj (Schduled Tribe) Udham Singh Nagar
134 Govt ITI Khetima (Schduled Tribe) Udham Singh Nagar
135 Govt ITI Sitarganj Udham Singh Nagar
136 Govt ITI Women Kashipur Udham Singh Nagar
137 Modern ITI Udham Singh Nagar
138 N.N. Joshi Private ITI, Shantipuri Udham Singh Nagar
139 Nav Bharat Private ITI Sitarganj Udham Singh Nagar
140 ODC Private ITI Kichha Udham Singh Nagar
141 Shree Sai Private ITC, Kashipur Udham Singh Nagar
142 Govt ITI Barkot Uttarkashi
143 Govt ITI Chinalisaur Uttarkashi
144 Govt ITI Purola Uttarkashi
145 Govt ITI Uttarkashi Uttarkashi

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